I have been considering getting FontLab (I use Fontographer) so I can
learn it, compare, perhaps convert. It's no use downloading a
demo....I'm too uncommitted to learn a demo before it expires and
without a manual (please tell me FontLab comes with a manual---and
hopefully a better one than FOG?).  But I am on a Mac. Would you
recommend I wait until 4 comes out and save some $$, or go ahead and
take the plunge and start mastering the learning curve?


>        For someone just starting out, I can't recommend investing time
>        and money in Fontographer (for the same reasons that Roy stated).
>        RoboFog perhaps being the exception. Now don't get me wrong, FOG
>        is good and I've used it for a long time now, but I have to say;
>        every typeface I work on nowadays is mastered in FontLab.
>        Are you on a Mac or PC? FontLab 4 is coming out very soon (for PC).
>        With FL4, the drawing tools are much better and it's supposed to be
>        able to make OpenType fonts. I may completely switch over once I
>        have the new version for both platforms. BTW, The Mac version of
>        FL4 probably won't be out for a while.
>        Anyway, just my 2. I hope it's of some use to you. Good luck.
>        Yours,
>        Delve Withrington

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