Dear Africa IT and EAIA,

A few weeks ago, I posted a message to this list (apologies for cross
posting) regarding HPC (High Performance Computing) or super computers in

My question was about obtaining some information regarding the current
situation in Africa, in simple terms to find out the current installations,
uses, or any related activity. I received very few or little information in
this regard. I would hence like to address this issue again by may be
looking at it from a slightly different angle or by asking different

1. Do we have high performance computing or supercomputers facilities or
activity in Africa?

2. Is HPC considered importance for whatsover reasons by any concerned
bodies in different countries i.e. Govt, Academia, large or medium
enterprises or other

3. Is there any potential demand or use of HPC in Africa.

4. Is this a totally irrelevant issue to consider at this time in Africa.

I am taking a very informal approach to this and I look forward to hearing
your opinions/comments on this area.