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> As far as I am concerned this 3rd language issue is mischievious.  A
'me too' counter attack  intended to muddy the waters and dilute the cause
of Gaelic as a second language. But then -- I'm paranoic. ;-(

Well, if Frank is a paranoiac I'm one too.  I would be happy with the
three leids story if only the backers of Scots would stop sniping at support
for Gaelic - but they carry on sniping so I'll call their stuff "English".

One thing that cracked me up was the title of a pamphlet entitled something
like "The Lion has three tongues". Now I thought that was a nice red cat we
had on our flag not the leonine version of Cerberus!!!

:-E <- Tha tri teangaichean aig Reamonn cuideachd.

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