I am in my final year at University currently writing
up my dissertation on 'An analysis on whether the
implementation of IT in A frican Countries poses as a
threat or opportunity' which takes into consideration
that implementing tehnology is not as straightforward
as it appears because of other elements such as
culture, politics, obsolete technology (the once which
can be afforded), government interference etc.
I am presently seeking information from various
organisations and professionals alike who I believe
are a great source in providing IT to African
countries, their experiences in doing so, how the
organisations felt it helped with their work, what
happens during the hand-over period in terms of
training and funding put aside for spare parts for
equipments and also your relationship with particular
African governments to ensure a success in the
implementation of IT.

If there is one particular African country which can
include the bulk of the experiences mentioned above
and you feel IT has had a dramatic impact, that would
be great.

Case studies will also be welcomed.

Thanks and Regards


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