Hello Sanjay --

I don't know, but suspect, that the reason no one has really replied to the
gist of your question is that no one knows what is causing the problem. It
doesn't sound XML-related at all, rather a server configuration or DNS issue.

I don't know a lot about server configurations. Occasionally someone will
post a question vaguely like yours, to which the answer is that they need
to be sure that the MIME type associated (on the server) with XML documents
is "text/xml" or "application/xml." But your problem sounds very different.
I've never, ever heard of an XML problem that went away simply by switching
the URL to its IP-numbering equivalent.

I'm very sorry that I can't be of more (or indeed, any!) help. From the
tone of your messages on the board, it's plain that you're quite
desperate.... All I can suggest is that you consult your server's

At 08:07 PM 10/11/2000 +0530, you wrote:
>Hi John,
>Thanks very much for the info.I dont seem to be able to respond via the
>mailing list.
>So,I am writing to you.It would be great if you could include the list in
>your reply.
>This is the problem that I originally put forward.Please let me know if you
>any idea why msxml could not be resolving the URL.It would be a great help.
>Thanks already and regards,
>I seem to have a problem with referencing an external DTD.Can anyone please
>help me?
>We have an XML file that gets uploaded into our server for processing.This
>file is uploaded by  external sources.
>In the first line of this XML file,there is a reference to a DTD on the
>server,against which this XML file is
>It looks like this-
>line 1: <!DOCTYPE eventfile SYSTEM
>The problem is that the system gives an error,when the file is uploaded.-
>XML validation failed, not a valid file format because The system cannot
>locate the resource specified. Error processing resource
>''. at linenumber 1, position 98
>But if the url in the path, is replaced by the IP address,then
>the file gets uploaded and processes
>Also,The server has IE 4.0 running on it with msxml.dll registered.
>Any help would be a big help.
>Thanks already,

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