Greetings Afrik-ITes,

We've concluded a first phase of pulling together a
database of organizations interested in participating in a
USAID market survey for an eventual Africa-wide multi-
award contract.

In addition to organizations with offices in Africa, I have
also had a few nice queries from firms based outside the
continent but that do provide commodities and services
directly within the continent.  We'll include these in the
list of organizations to be considered for inclusion in the

The sources of data are:

1. Organizations sending me an email directly (ongoing)
2. The AITEC trade show books from Kenya and South
Africa (done)
3. USAID staff in particular countries to be visited (to be

If you have suggestions about other sources of
organization names, please let me know.

How we find out about a company is likely to have an
influence on the likelihood that we'll contact that
company as part of the survey.  For companies that sent
me an email, I've stored the full text of their email in the
database for review by the contracting officials as they
make their choices about who to visit.

Jeff @ Nairobi

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