Greetings Afrik-ITes!

Very limited debate underway for Africa's participation in
ICANN.  See the excerpt below from the Web site.

The GAC (governments) position on the assignment of
ccTLDs is:

> With respect to future delegations or reassignment
> of delegations, ICANN should delegate the administration
> of a ccTLD only to an organisation, enterprise or
> individual that has been designated by the relevant
> government or public authority.

That's quoted from

When African delegates to ICANN were asked about the
role of governments, they did not address this issue.  Are
African participants in Afrik-IT in accord with the position
of the ICANN GAC?  Does it matter?

Jeff @ Nairobi

Date: 2000-09-19 03:37:09

Do you find any role for African Governments in the
current developments of Icann? And what about the
African private sector ?


Nii Quaynor - posted on 2000-09-21 09:20:03

There are great roles for both Government and the private
sector as well as the civil society.

Government has a formal opportunity to participate
directly in GAC. Governments also informally play a role
as partners in development with several of the SO
members  and there is continuous dialog which is
important not to be overlooked.

In many developing countries, including Africa's,
Governments play critical role in everything and that
should be harnessed in the development of the African
Institutions to increase participation in ICANN.
Governments do enable some things.

The private sector is the engine of growth and is an
excellent source of revenue and expertise for participation
in SOs.

The civil society has a balancing role in addition to
building the information society.

Calvin Browne  - posted on 2000-09-20 23:39:42

I believe the Forum for government participation in ICANN
to be the GAC (see
ex .htm ) It would be highly presumptuous for me to try
and tell career diplomats how to go about their
jobs.<BR> Fortunately, not all African Governments have
been as short sighted as mine, and some have actually
attended GAC meetings on a regular basis - look to
these African Countries for leadership in Internet

The African private sector has many avenues open: ISP's
and Business have outlet through their respective
constituencies in the DNSO, as with African IP
practioners.  I get very wary and would shy away from
telling people how to run their businesses. At the same
time, we must remember that policies (slow start IP
blocks for a regional IP registrar) can go a long way to
kick starting Internet development.

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