Greetings Afrik-ITes!

Thanks to Dr. Quaynor and Dr. Lisse for their responses,
most enlightening.  One further comment:

I wrote earlier:

> > neither Nii nor Calvin address the endorsement by GAC >
> that governments should control the assignment of ccTLD >
> administration.

To which Nii Quaynor responds:

> The GAC communique does not say exactly that.

Nii then quotes portions of the GAC document, but does
not quote this from the February 2000 "Principles":

> 7.4 With respect to future delegations or reassignment
> of delegations, ICANN should delegate the administration
> of a ccTLD only to an organisation, enterprise or
> individual that has been designated by the relevant
> government or public authority.

This is reaffirmed in the latest listed communique from
the GAC of July 2000:

> The GAC reconfirmed its support for the GAC Document
> "Principles for the Delegation and Administration of
> Country Code Top Level Domains".

I do detect in the July 2000 communique the hint of a
debate between the GAC and the ccTLD group, to which
Nii alludes:

> Currently, the GAC and the ccTLD constituency have
> different proposals under discussion. In short the jury
> is still out and we should remain open, agile and work
> for consensus.

It is good news indeed to hear that there is an ongoing
debate, and I am personally greatly appreciative of Dr.
Quaynor's active participation in that debate.  Is there
some way for interested parties to remain current on the
substance of the debate, to provide regular input to the
various delegates, etc?

The reason I ask relates particularly to this comment by

> The most important thing to remember is that the
> stability of the Internet is paramount and hence do not
> support any policy or program that may lead to
> instability of the Internet eg. the disappearance of
> ccTLD domain name space from the Internet.

Indeed.  I can envision a situation wherein the private
sector and public organizations become so frustrated
with the management of ccTLDs under some future
framework for their administration that they all simply
decide to abandon ccTLDs and work through the gTLDs.

Would that be a good thing for Africa?

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