Ach Jeffrey, why?

In message <[log in to unmask]>, Jeffrey Cochrane writes
> Eberhard Lisse writes:
> > It is outright WRONG to involve ANY government in the
> > running of the Internet.  Look at the PTTs. And
> > liberalization thereof.
> That is certainly a clear and unequivocal view.  Is this a
> majority view in Africa?

View? What view? It's the truth. (And I have´t made any reference to
the Leland mess, this time)

And, majority? Of what?

> > GAC doesn´t matter.

> Perhaps GAC does not matter, as Dr. Lisse suggests, but do Nii
> Quaynor and Calvin Browne (both nominees for the Africa seats on
> ICANN) believe this?

Who cares about what they believe? And they are ICANN-nominees for


> Nii is an ISP owner and a member of government regulatory boards in
> Ghana.

This attests to his supreme intelligence.