Greetings Afrik-ITers!

I've been approached by a USAID contractor wanting to
know of examples where Internet access (in whatever form)
has been made accessible to people in Africa through
special small projects.  The interest is in people who would
otherwise not have had access.

My impression is that this contractor will want to visit some
of these projects, and then report to USAID on the types of
projects that the Agency ought to be funding.

If you know of specific projects you think USAID ought to
be looking at, do send me the name of a contact person,
email address, location, and a brief description (a paragraph
will do at this point, as anything longer probably won't get

I'd suggest we be a bit creative about this.  There are of
course the traditional donor-funded projects of various
types, which participants at a recent forum in Addis
suggested are rarely sustainable.  Then there are "projects"
that take the form of individual enterprises, commercial or
not, for profit or not.  Maybe there are other "models" or
ways of thinking about Internet access that donors don't
usually consider.  Maybe donor support need not always be
direct support for equipment or infrastructure, but instead
might be in the area of policy reform.  Maybe a donor
shouldn't always support the access provider itself, but
should funnel its program partners in the direction of the
access provider instead of funding separate access.

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