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Subject: Re: Scala: harmonizing Mac font styles
From: Charles Wahl <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To:Discussion of Type and Typographic Design <[log in to unmask]>
Date:Thu, 6 Jul 2000 23:14:00 -0400

text/plain (61 lines)

William I. Johnston wrote:
>I just bought Scala and Scala Sans, beautiful fonts that are
>getting quite a bit of use now -- in ID magazine, Harper's,
>and so forth.
>I use PostScript fonts on a Macintosh. I was dismayed to find
>that the fonts aren't harmonized into a family.

I had the same problem a couple years ago, trying to fuse variants of
Gill Sans (Monotype's) into a family so's I could use command keys to
change among them. Below I've quoted my posts. I'll tell you
beforehand what "fixed" things. I was using ClarisWorks (and still
use AppleWorks) for general wordprocessing, and as it turns out, that
was the only program I had giving me Geneva instead of the correct
font. When I upgraded something (I can't remember whether it was ATM
or ClarisWorks) all the problems disappeared. In other words, it was
an application bug, not a Style Merger bug.

At 10:06 PM -0400 1998.08.11, Charles Wahl wrote:
>Executive summary:
>I'm having a devil of a time attempting to create families of some fonts
>I've modified with Fontographer, using the Style Merger that came with it.
>I have a pretty full set of Gill Sans, and when I try to put the Book,
>Book Italic, Display Bold and Book SC, everything works, but the italic
>appears as Geneva italic. What's funny is that the italic displays at
>bitmap size correctly (as Gill Sans), but if I zoom, or print, I get
>Geneva. I have tried making families with the _original_ fonts and
>suitcases I got from Monotype with exactly the same results. What's really
>funny is that if I assign the italic font to the Bold style within the
>family, it appears as Geneva bold.
>More for those who can stand it:
>At first I thought I had some kind of font ID conflict which ATM Deluxe
>(v.4.0) wasn't picking up, so I took every font out of the Fonts folder
>but Geneva and Chicago, and made ATM and Type Reunion forget all the fonts
>they knew  no improvement when restarted. It only seems to be a problem
>with the Book Italic and Book Italic OSF fonts; all the others variations
>coexist happily in families (Light, Display bold, Medium; in all the
>regular, OSF and SC varieties). The  Book Italic fonts work fine if they
>are not combined in families.

At 9:10 AM -0400 1998.08.13, Charles Wahl wrote:
>I did some more work on this: made new Fontographer databases and copied
>the characters into them; still the same problem. Also, ClarisWorks gives
>me Geneva in place of Italic, but Word 6.0 gives me the actual Bold font
>in place of Italic or Small Caps (mapped to Bold Italic). PageMaker seems
>to interpret the family correctly. So maybe this is an application bug,
>and not one in the fonts. I don't have this problem with the family I made
>for Sabon (not Monotype, Adobe). Sabon originally came from Adobe made
>into a family, but I did modify it somewhat in Fontographer (mainly
>substituting OSF for lining figures in the Roman, and making a separate
>font for lining figures), and created family information within the Bold
>and Italic, Lining Figures and Small Caps faces as well.

Hope that helps,
Charles Wahl  <[log in to unmask]>

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