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AFRIK-IT  September 1998

AFRIK-IT September 1998


Conference Schedule: Telecommunications for Rural Development


Don Richardson <[log in to unmask]>


Don Richardson <[log in to unmask]>


Fri, 25 Sep 1998 16:10:18 -0400





text/plain (337 lines)

Conference Schedule: Partnerships & Participation in Telecommunications
for Rural Development, Oct. 26 & 27 1998, University of Guelph, Guelph,
Ontario, Canada:

Imagine attending a relaxed and friendly international conference where
you can learn more about how rural communities & rural organizations
around the world are using telecommunications, Internet and telephones to
improve social and economic development.... Imagine engaging in productive
small group discussions with practitioners and experts on topics such as:

- creative financial & organizational partnerships to improve rural
- the importance of focusing on citizen communication
- rural radio and the Internet
- telemedicine in rural and remote communities
- rural women and issues of access & use of telecommunications
- grassroots "communication shops" in rural areas of developing countries
- improving agricultural development with telephones
- rural telecommunications initiatives in dozens of countries including
Australia, Bangladesh, Benin, Canada, Ghana, Haiti, Honduras, Mali, Mexico,
Mozambique, Nigeria, Scotland, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, the United
States, Vietnam and Zimbabwe.
- native Canadians and telecommunication access & issues
- online entrepreneurship in rural communities
- evaluating the social and economic impacts of rural telecommunication

Want to join in these discussions?  There is still time to register for
the Oct 26 & 27 "Partnerships and Participation in Telecommunications for
Rural Development" conference!  You can download a faxable registration
form from our website at  Cost for the two-day
conference is only $349 Canadian + GST or $300 U.S. for non-Canadian
participants.  Guelph is a short 45 minute drive from Toronto and its
airport.  The conference takes place within the beautiful University of
Guelph campus complete with colourful autumn leaves.

The current agenda for the conference is outlined below.

If you cannot attend the conference in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, you can
"virtually" attend our On-line Pre-conference on the web.  The Online
Pre-conference runs from Oct. 1 to Oct. 21, 1998 and will be available at The current agenda for the Online Pre-conference
appears at the end of this message.


Partnerships & Participation in Telecommunications for Rural
Development: Exploring What Works and Why

    October 26 & 27 1998, University of Guelph, Canada

Current Agenda:

Pre-Conference Reception
A complimentary wine and cheese welcoming reception will be held for
speakers and delegates at the College Inn in Guelph from 8:00 - 10:00 pm.


Face-to-face conference at the U of Guelph.

Information on registration is available on the conference website at or you may call (519) 824 4120 ext. 2353.

Welcome Address
"Setting the Context: Don Snowden and the Importance of Participatory
Communication for Development"
  Tony Williamson, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada

Panel 1
Reviewing the Past: Communication for Development Lessons Learned
This panel will help us draw lessons from previous rural communication
for development initiatives and point to important lessons for current and
future rural telecommunication projects

"Citizen Communication: Needed Then...Needed Now"
  Dorothy Todd-Henuat, videographer, formerly with Challenge for Change
  Program, Canada

"Grassroots Participation and Partnerships in Canada's First National Rural
Telecommunication Endeavour: National Farm Radio Forum- 1939-1965"
  Mark Waldron, Don Snowden Program and Rural Extension Studies,
  University of Guelph, formerly with Farm Radio Forum, Canada

  Pablo Leal, Don Snowden Program, Canada

The panel will be followed by 2 presentations linking radio to
telecommunications for rural development.

"Farm Audio Information Program via the Internet: National Farm Radio Forum
Meets the 21st Century"
  Hugh Maynard, Quebec Farmers Association, Canada

"Rural Radio and the Internet Around the World"
  Helen Aitkin, TeleCommons Development Group, Canada

Lunch Address
"Bridging the Gap Between Community Participation and Policy
Implementation in Health Related Telecommunications: An Australian
  Angelita Martini, TeleHealth Development Unit, Australia

Afternoon Presentations
A variety of field experiences highlighting partnerships and community
partnerships will be presented on this first day of the conference, mainly
during the afternoon, including:

"Community Access Rings the Cash Registers"
  Fred McGuiness, freelance writer, Canada

"The Mice that Roared: Rural Telematics and Newfoundland's Entry into the
Information Economy"
  Richard Fuchs, Futureworks, Canada

"Rural Women & Communication Technology in Australia"
  June Lennie, Lyn Dawes and Leonie Simpson, Queensland University of
  Technology, Australia - via video conference

"Connecting Remote First Nations"
  Brian Beaton, K-Net, Canada
  Garnet Angeconeb, Wawatay Native Communications Society, Canada
  Lawrence Martin, Wawatay Native Communications Society, Canada

"The Communication Shop: A Model for Private and Public Sector
Collaboration and Communication...and Sustainable, Too"
  Royal Colle, Department of Communication, Cornell University, USA

"Rural Telecon '98: Report on Grassroots Telecom Initiatives in the USA"
  Ann Joselin; Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs;

"Infocommunes & Traditional Knowledge Systems"
  Tunde Adegbola, Tiwa Sytems, Nigeria

"Linking Remote Highland Communities in Scotland"
  Jenny Brogdan, Lambda Research & Consulting Inc., Scotland

"Harnessing Information Communication Technology for Rural and
International Development: International Pilot Project of Entrepreneurship
  Joanne Norris, Community Business Resource Centre, Canada

"COIN + Partnerships = Sustainability"
  Sam Coghlan and John Moore, Oxford County Library, Canada

"The Region of Waterloo Community Network"
  Walter Gasparini, Regional Municipality of Waterloo, Canada

Keynote Addresses
"Grameen Phone: Creative Partnerships and People's Participation in a
Wireless Rural Phone System"
  Iqbal Quadir, Grameen Phone, Bangladesh

"The Future of Rural Telecommunications in Canada"
  Terry Mosey, Bell Telephone, Canada - via video conference

Evening Activities
After dinner, there will be a cash bar, display booths and musical


Breakfast Address
"Communicating for Empowerment in Rural Areas"
  Gerald Kenney, Canadian International Development Agency, Canada

Panel 2
Future Directions: Recommendations for Project Planning
This panel will help us learn more about the challenges we face and
strategies for planning and implementing telecommunications for rural
development projects.

"Rural Telecentres in Mexico: The First Phase"
  Scott Robinson, Universidad Metropolitana, Mexico

"The Future for Telecommunications for Rural Development in Haiti"
  Josef Georges, TeleCommons Development Group, Haiti

  TBA, Foundation for International Training, Canada

Lunch Address
"Rural Wireless Telecommunication System Pilot Project"
  John Desmond, Nortel, Canada

Panel 3
Measuring Rural Development Impact: How and What to Measure?
This panel will help us address questions about how we can assess the
social and economic impacts of rural telecommunication initiatives.

"Measuring Rural Telecom Impact"
  Ricardo Ramirez, Don Snowden Program, Canada

"Connecting with the Unconnected: An Evaluation of the Impacts of the
Internet on Unconnected Rural Stakeholders"
  Scott McConnell, University of Guelph, Canada

"Review of the ITU MCT Pilot Project Programme: Towards a Framework for
Impact Evaluation"
  Johan Ernberg, International Telecommunications Union, Switzerland

  Mirabel Rodriguez, Foundation for International Training, Canada

Concluding Remarks
"Partnerships and Participation: What Have We Learned?"
  Don Richardson, Don Snowden Program, Canada

Post Conference Activities
Immediately after the conference, there will be a complimentary wine and
cheese reception in Peter Clark Hall for delegates and speakers.

Conference delegates are invited to attend the University of Guelph
Hopper Lecture in International Development at 7:30.

Conference Ends




Online Pre-conference at


The Online Pre-conference will include discussion and papers on
the following three themes:

     1.   Lessons Learned from Past and Present Participatory Rural
     Development Strategies - This will involve revisiting some
     of what we've learned from the past the Fogo Island
     experiences, the Challenge for Change program, Farm
     Radio Forum, etc. and finding ways to integrate what
     works with the new potentials offered by rural

Some of the papers submitted for online discussion include:

"In Their Own Image: Local Broadcasting Initiatives and Economic
Development in Southwestern Newfoundland"
Ivan Emke, Memorial U of Newfoundland, Canada

"Participatory strategies message design for participatory
development communications"
Dr. Sadanandan Nair, U of Pune, India

     2.   Current Rural Development Activities Involving
     Telecommunications & Internet - This will include topics
     such as Community Access "Telecentres" and Community
     Media Centres in Canada, Africa, Asia and Latin America;
     current rural telecommunication improvement initiatives in
     Canada and developing countries; new ICTs for learning
     and service (Distance Education, Telemedicine, Professional
     Development, etc.).

Some of the papers submitted to this section include:

"Harnessing Information Technology for Rural and International
Development: A Case Study of Community Business Resource
Centre's Entrepreneurship Online Program"
Joanne Norris, CBRC, Canada

"Connecting Remote First Nations to the Internet"
Brian Beaton, K-Net, Canada

"Taking Social Infrastructure into Account: Lessons from a
Collaborative Australian Project Involving Rural Women and
Communication Technologies"
June Lennie et al, Queensland U of Tech, Australia

"Telehealth Technologies in Rural and Remote Areas of Western
Australia: Exploration of a Social Model of Health Framework"
Angelita Martini, Telehealth Development Unit, W Australia

"Towards a Smart Community"
Janet Findlay, Grow Lanark, Canada

"The STARS Learning Experience"
Jim Ewing, Scotland

     3.   Future Activities: Building on Lessons Learned - This is our
     forum for applying lessons learned to new
     telecommunications and Internet technologies for rural
     development.  It will include discussion on concerns such as
     improving rural telecommunications policy to realize
     "universal service", improving rural telecommunications and
     internet project planning, and identifying opportunities for
     collaboration among rural stakeholders.

Some of the papers submitted to this section include:

"Infocommunes: Blending Modern Information and
Communications Technologies with Traditional Practice"
Tunde Adegbola, TIWA Systems, Nigeria

"Investigating the Appropriateness of PRA Techniques in the
Demand Forecasting, Design and Configuration Processes of Rural
Telecommunications Network Expansions in Developing Countries:
A Caribbean Case Study"
Michael Collins, U of E Anglia, UK

"Cooperative Health Information Networks for the Community"
Andreas Weber, Germany

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