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AFRIK-IT  September 1998

AFRIK-IT September 1998


Britain's CDC to Invest US$22.5M in Telecoms in Africa


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African Network of IT Experts and Professionals (ANITEP) List


Sun, 13 Sep 1998 22:08:47 -0400





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[Note that the subject Story is available this week in the "Development
Front" Section of the IDN Web Site]

This week the IDN Web Site at welcomed visitor
number 11,000 since our launch in late February of this year.  Thanks to
all who have visited the site and also to those who have made
contributions and/or suggestions.

The IDN exists for the purpose of sharing, exchanging and disseminating
news, ideas, and information relating to sustainable economic
development.  By providing a central repository of information, we hope
to make your searches for information easier.  We do not have the deep
pockets of the UNDP nor do we receive funding from Development Agencies
(as we are not eligible - USAID says they do not fund Development
Information Programs and CIDA only funds Canadian Groups), so we keep
plugging along with the support of individuals or organizations who are
helping to support our efforts.  A special thank you to those folks too.

Here is what is new this week:


Quick Link of the Week

This week's IDN Quick Link is to the web site for the U.S. Agency for
International Development Office of Inspector General Five-Year Plan (FY


Tools You Can Use:

This week's tool is a link to the Procurement Guidelines of the
Caribbean Development Bank.

New Publications

UNDP Human Development Report 1998 (Direct Link from the IDN Web Site)

Despite a dramatic surge in global consumption -- with real expenditures
doubling over the last 25 years -- more than one billion people still
lack the opportunity to consume in ways that meet their basic needs.
Others, especially in the industrial countries, are consuming in ways
that cannot be long sustained environmentally or socially.

The Human Development Report 1998 explores the complex issues behind
these trends, questioning the economic, social and regulatory forces
that perpetuate today's problems.

Seeking patterns of consumption that improve the lives of all people,
the Report sets out an action agenda to bring about consumption that is
shared, strengthening, socially responsible
and sustainable.

New in the IDN Bookstore

Gender, Women and Health in the Americas

Biodiversity, Biotechnology, and Sustainable Development in Health and

(These two titles are directly accessible from the IDN Home Page)


Funding Opportunities

The following has been added to the IDN Funding Opportunities Page:

Caribbean Development Bank:

           Consultancy Opportunities and Guidelines

Organization of American States (OAS):



New Links:

Caribbean Development Bank - The purpose of the Bank is to contribute to
the harmonious economic growth and development of the member countries
in the Caribbean and to promote economic cooperation and integration
among them, having special and urgent regard to the needs of the less
developed members of the region.

Centre de coopération internationale en recherche agronomique pour le
développement (French)

Center of Excellence for Sustainable Development - Web site sponsored by
the United States Department of Energy.

Deutsche Welthungerhilfe (DWHH) - German NGO providing hunger relief.

Economic Commission for Latin America & the Caribbean Washington Office
-  established in 1950 to serve as liaison with the United States
government and international organizations based in Washington, D.C.,
such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF); the World Bank Group
(IBRD); the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB); the Organization of
American States (OAS); and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

Forum Régional d'Analyse et de Concertation (FRAC) - The FRAC is a
network of francophone reproductive health professionals from Africa and
the Caribbean which enables members to share their experiences and best

Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center - a religious coalition of women
and men whose goals continue to be to deepen awareness of justice as
integral, not optional, to our faith response; to network participating
organizations and to collaborate with other concerned groups for
stronger public witness and impact on justice and peace issues; and to
plan and carry out programs of education and action which affect
structural injustice.

International Medical Corps -   is a non-profit humanitarian relief
organization whose mission is to save lives and relieve suffering
through health interventions and medical training that build local
capacity and self-reliance in war-torn and impoverished regions of the

National Agricultural Cooperative Federation (NACF) (Korea)  - is the
apex organization of agricultural cooperatives whose mandate is to
increase agricultural productivity and enhancing the economic and social
status of member farmers and therefore to secure a balanced development
of national economy.

Regional Institute of Environmental Technology - RIET's mission is to
facilitate technical, economic and industrial co-operation between
Europe and Asia by the promotion of the best environmental practice &

Sister Cities International - Sister Cities International (SCI) is the
national membership organization for sister city, county, and state
programs in the United States.

Stories from The Development Front

The following stories were provided to members of the IDN last week in
the Daily "Development Front" Newsletter and are now available on the
web site:

World Bank Terminates Two Employees for Misuse of Funds

Travel & Tourism: A Growth Engine for Non-Aligned Economies
Trains, Mini-Skirts and the Environment?

WTTC & Puerto Rico Tourism Company Sign Agreement To Launch Study of
Travel & Tourism

Thai Economy Slides - But Tourism Surges

WTTC proposes Travel & Tourism Millennium Vision at the World Economic
Forum 1998 Mercosur Economic Summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sri Lanka's Kandalama Hotel wins GREEN GLOBE Achievement Award

Britain's CDC Invests US$7M in Emerging Markets Telecoms

27th International Conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent to Be
Held in November 1999

Sudan Floods: Tens of Thousands in Peril

Crisis in Kosovo: Children Bear the Brunt

World Vision Provides Bangladesh Flood Aid

Former World Vision International President Graeme Irvine Dies

FAO Launches New System to Help Utilize and Conserve Threatened Farm
Animal Breeds

Second UNESCO International Cyberspace Congress "INFOethics ‘98" to Be
Held In Monaco

Jean-François Rischard Takes Office as World Bank Vice- President for

CARE Announces $1.5 Million Gift from William H. Gates Foundation

OECD Expresses Concern, Offers Support To Yeltsin

World Food Programme Food Convoy Hits Landmine in Northwest Rwanda

Worst Harvest in Five Years Threatens Food Supply for 600,000 Somalis

FAO Announces 136 Grassroots Micro-projects with Money Donated by the
Public During Last Year's TV Information-Fundraiser "TeleFood"

St. Lucia Launches EC$10 Million Rural Economic Diversification
Incentives Project (REDIP)

IMF Approves Three-Year Extended Fund Facility for Ukraine
Peter L. Woicke Named to Head IFC

Marking His Official Visit to Seoul President of IFAD Calls for Further
Initiatives to Fight Poverty in the Region

IFAD Invests USD 15 Million in Development Support For Indigenous and
Afro-Ecuadorian Communities

Room For Cautious Optimism on Foreign Direct Investment in Asia
According to UNCTAD

World Food Programme Appeals for US$ 9.7 Million to Provide Emergency
Food Aid to 200,000 Sierra Leonean Refugees in Guinea

Senior U.S. Coordinator for International Women's Issues to Speak on
September 16 at IDB Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

IDB Official to Address Aid and Trade Conference in New York September

Médecins Sans Frontieres Expands its Operations into Hubei and Anhui

UNESCO Calls for "New Paradigm for Literacy"

Famine and Floods Create Challenge for Freedom From Hunger Appeal

Cincinnati's Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center Study Tour to
Explore Concepts of Worker Ownership in the Mondragon Cooperative
Corporation and Other Spanish Cooperatives

APEC Business Advisory Council Charts Strategy for November Meeting with
Economic Leaders

Fifth Meeting of APEC Ministers Responsible for SMEs: Joint Ministerial

Britain to Give £21 Million to Bangladesh Flood Crisis

UNDP Human Development Report 1998 Released In India, New York

The Gambia Receives $20 Million in New Education Funds

World Bank Provides Flood And Earthquake Assistance to Turkey

World Bank Finances Emergency Fire Prevention and Control Project in the
Southern Amazon

WFP Airlifts First Emergency Food Aid to Kinshasa

UNESCO Director-General to Meet Indonesian and ASEAN Leaders on Two-day
Visit to Jakarta

Overseas Private Investment Corporation Signs New Bilateral Agreement
with Democratic Republic of Sao Tomé and Principe

South Pacific Forum Secretariat Prepares Work Programme

Burpee Seeds Will Help Indonesian Families

Bangladesh Floods Worsen; CARE Provides Food Though New Nutrition and
Health Centers

Commonwealth Secretary-General attends COL and CAPAM Conferences

New Hazardous Chemicals Treaty Gives Major Boost to Global Environmental
Protection, Says UN Environment Programme

UNEP Signs Agreement with New Partners on Global International Waters
Assessment Project

Sweden Establishes Fund to Strengthen Democracy in Latin America

Bolivia Reforming Health Sector, Fighting Epidemics

Federation Warns of Catastrophe in Russia

Africa Hit by Asian Financial Crisis

At Opening of Jakarta Symposium, UNESCO Director-General Urges New
Approach to Development in Asia

Protecting the Soil - Ensuring Food Security for Tomorrow

UNEP Video News Release Highlights Illegal Trade in CFCs

Tonga Officials To Train Under Forum Secretariat Fellowship Scheme

The IDN plans to continue our growth and offerings.  If you have not yet
thought about a membership/sponsorship in the IDN, we encourage you to
consider becoming a sponsor/member of the fastest growing, most
comprehensive and current International Development Web Site on the
Internet! Information is available at

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