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AFRIK-IT  September 1998

AFRIK-IT September 1998


CIDA and SaskTel Announce Telecommunications Project in Tanzania


"Christopher L. Byrne" <[log in to unmask]>


African Network of IT Experts and Professionals (ANITEP) List


Sun, 6 Sep 1998 22:49:18 -0400





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Apologies for any cross-posting

In addition to the subject story, here is an update to what is new and
available this week on the September 7, 1998 update of the International
Development Network Web Site at

In this week's Development Front, we post news from the Development Bank
of South Africa (DBSA) which just last week ended a 6 month period where
they had not been posting news for public availability.

Here's what else is new:


IDN Membership Directory

List of pending membership applications updated.

Tools You Can Use:

This week's tool is a link to the Summary of the Economic Survey of
Latin America and the Caribbean, 1997-1998 published by ECLAC.

Quick Link of the Week:

This week's IDN Quick Link is to the web site for Development
Cooperation Review of the United States: Summary and Conclusions.  The
regular examinations of the Development Assistance Committee (DAC)
Members' aid policies and programmes are unique to the OECD and are
among the main instruments of the DAC for improving individual and
collective aid performance in both quantitative and qualitative terms.
You can also access the 1998 posted reports for Spain and Canada.

Scholarship Funds

The IDN has posted a link to the World Bank's InfoDev Conference
Scholarship Fund.

The Information for Development Program (infoDev), as part of its
Conference Scholarship Fund (iCSF), is issuing a call for applications
to sponsor developing country participants in international meetings
related to the future of international telecommunications tariffs.

Conferences, workshops, and other fora principally aimed at bringing
developing countries into the debate on changes in the international
accounting rates regime, are eligible for support. US$200,000 has been
allocated for this track of the iCSF.


New Publications:

The State of World Population 1998: The New Generations

The challenges–and opportunities– posed by the changing shape of the
global population are the focus of The State of World Population 1998
report by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) that was released
last week. The IDN provides a direct link to the on-line publication.


New Links:

Consulting Assistance on Economic Reform (CAER) II - The goal of the
CAER II Project is to contribute to broad-based and sustainable economic
growth; and to improve the policy reform content of USAID assistance
activities that aim to strengthen markets in recipient countries.

Fusi@n Business Magazine and News - progressive business information.

The Green Plan Center -   is a networking and reference facility
assisting government officials, business leaders, academics, and
citizens in making informed environmental decisions.

Harvard Institute for International Development (HIID) - Harvard
University's principal center for research, teaching, and assistance
related to developing and transitional economies.

Network for Environment and Sustainable Development in Africa (NESDA) -
is a resource and forum of African experts in the management of
environment and natural resources.

Resource Renewal Institute - promotes Green Plans as the path to a
sustainable environment and economy. Green Plans are dynamic programs by
which all elements of society agree on long-term environmental goals and
take responsibility for achieving them.

Stories from The Development Front

The following stories were provided to members of the IDN last week and
are now available on the web site:

Statement on the Death of Dr. Jonathan Mann By Dr. David
Brandling-Bennett, Deputy Director, Pan American Health Organization

UNICEF Mourns Staff Killed in Swissair Crash

DBSA Devolves its Market-Making Activities to Five Banks

New DBSA Guarantee Facilitates International Borrowing

DBSA Signs a R19 Million Loan with the University of Fort Hare

DBSA Loans R49.1 Million to Technikon Pretoria

Queenstown Municipality and DBSA Sign a R4 560 000 Loan for
Infrastructure Development

ADB Holds Workshop to Develop Strategies for Combating ASEAN Fires
Measles Outbreaks, Vaccine Shortage Threaten Eradication

PAHO Offers New Electronic Sales Online

IMF Approves Third Annual ESAF Loan for Niger

Tens of Thousands Displaced in East Sudan

Irish Bishop Urges Prayers for Victims in South Sudan

China to Assist in Construction of Free Trade Zone in St. Lucia

Tropical Storm Debbie Relocation Exercise In St. Lucia, Supported by
European Commission, 70% Complete

Rural Enterprise Diversification Incentive Underway in St. Lucia

ADRA Provides Nourishment for Southern Sudan Famine Victims

International Conference on Trade in Chemicals and Pesticides,
Rotterdam, 10-11 September

OECD To Host Workshop on Combating Bribery in International Business

UNOCAL Gives to CARE: Indonesian Crisis Is the Focus of New Gifts
MIF Approves $1,540,000 to Promote Exports, Investment in Bolivia

UNICEF Protests Rebel Looting in Congo

World Food Programme Welcomes Egyptian Aid and Increases its Air Fleet
for Southern Sudan

Canadian Super Porridge for Starving Kids in Sudan

The State Hermitage Museum and the Government of Flanders Announce
Cooperative Project to Restore Rubens Gallery

Inaugural Celebration of the International Day for the Remembrance of
the Slave Trade and its Abolition

As World Population Nears 6 Billion, Record Numbers of Young and Old
Spell Need for Stronger Social Programmes

Red Cross Doubles Aid to China Flood Victims

Despite Record-High Global Consumption, Ranks Of Poor, Hungry And
Homeless Are Growing In Rich Nations As Well As Poor

UNESCAP Executive Secretary Visits Fiji

World Food Programme Appeals for Emergency Food Aid for 615,000 Victims
of El Niño-induced Drought in Eastern Cuba

Health Project Spawns Wheat Donation to Albania

Distracted U.S. Overlooks Pending Kosovo Crisis

Severe Falciparum Malaria Increases in Honduras

UNCTAD Reports Foreign Direct Investment on the Rise

World Bank Board Agrees There Will Be No Inspection Panel Investigation
of Lesotho Highlands Water Project

UNICEF Hails Genocide Conviction

Canada Provides Additional Aid to Help China's Flood Victims

Gender Equity and National Machineries For the Advancement of Women

Looming Food and Humanitarian Crisis in Democratic Republic of Congo

ICAO Launches Y2k Web Page

IDB to Host Seminar in Miami on Business Opportunities in Latin America
and the Caribbean

IFC Names Country Coordinator for Sri Lanka

Massive Humanitarian Aid Needed for Disaster Victims in Asia

UNESCO to Launch Global Initiative Against Child Pornography and
Paedophilia in the Media and on the Internet

Nigerian Journalist Christina Anyanwu Receives the UNESCO and Reporters
sans Frontieres Press Prizes

Overall Criticism at German Development Co-operation Does Not Serve

St. Lucia Fights Leprosy

Another Crisis Centre Opens In St. Lucia

St. Lucia Rural Enterprise Project Goes to Delcer

St. Lucia National Development Corporation Hosts Woodwork Workshop

Culture Ministers Meet in Rio

CARICOM, SADC Foreign Ministers Meet in Durban

Cooperation on Health and Nutrition Among ASEAN Member Countries Takes
More Scope

Global Coalition for Africa holds a Workshop on the Lome Convention

Communiqué of Meeting of Economic Policy Makers in the Western
Hemisphere Region

OPIC President Muñoz Will Reaffirm OPIC’s Continued Commitment to Asia
During Upcoming Visit to Three Key Asian Economies

Message from the Director-General of UNESCO on the Occasion of
International Literacy Day

World Bank Places Credits to Union of Myanmar in Non-accrual Status

WHO Joint Effort to Assist Health Policy Development and Health Care
Reforms in Moldova:  an Example for Other Countries in Transition
Violent Repatriation of Haitians by Dominican Government

The IDN plans to continue our growth and offerings.  If you have not yet
thought about a membership/sponsorship in the IDN, we encourage you to
consider becoming a sponsor/member of the fastest growing, most
comprehensive and current International Development Web Site on the
Internet! Information is available at

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