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AFRIK-IT  August 1998

AFRIK-IT August 1998


This Week At The International Development Network (August 23, 1998)


"Christopher L. Byrne, Director" <[log in to unmask]>


African Network of IT Experts and Professionals (ANITEP) List


Sun, 23 Aug 1998 22:01:59 -0400





text/plain (206 lines)

Apologies for any cross-posting

This week we publish news and information dealing with Food Aid, Gender
Issues (Including a new ILO Study on the Sex Trade in Southeast Asia),
Microenterprise, Free Trade, Education, Democracy, Water Resources,
Information Technology/Electronic Commerce, Humanitarian Relief in Sudan
and Afghanistan, Banana Trade and the Windward Islands, and more at

What's New at the IDN Web Site this week (August 23, 1998):


IDN Membership Directory

List of pending membership applications updated.

Tools You Can Use:

This week's tool is is a link to the Yearbook of International
Co-operation on Environment and Development 1998/99.

Quick Link of the Week:

This week's IDN Quick Link is to the web site for ENTERWeb, a web site
for information on small business, finance, international trade,
entrepreneurship, enterprise development and the economy.

Project Profiles

We have repaired the Link to the project profile of "The Individual in a
Global Society".  It is an excellent project and the web site for the
project is concise and packed with information.  Our apologies for any
inconvenience caused by the incorrect link.


New Links:

Development Finance Limited - located in Trinidad & Tobago, its purpose
is to serve viable, responsible private enterprises in the Caribbean by
providing corporate finance, risk capital and strategic management
advisory services.

Esquel Group Foundation - provides a variety of services to
non-governmental organizations, foundations, private corporations and
international development agencies working in Latin America and the

FUNDES -  Swiss non-profit foundation dedicated to small and
microenterprise development in Latin America.

Inter-American Council for Integral Development (CIDI) - Building
Bridges towards the Future of Partnership for Development in the

Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission (CICAD) - promotes and
facilitates multilateral cooperation among the member countries in the
control of drug trafficking, production and use.

Institute of International Education - pioneers programs worldwide
enabling thousands of students, scholars, artists, scientists, business
managers and leaders in every field to share ideas and work for common

Institute of Social Studies (ISS) -   is an international post-graduate
school of policy-oriented, social science teaching and research whose
diverse activities include teaching, interdisciplinary research and
advisory work in the field of development studies.

OAS Unit for the Promotion of Democracy - provides a program of support
for democratic development which can respond promptly and effectively to
Member States.

Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies and
Institutions (SRISTI) - a non-governmental organisation setup to
strengthen the creativity of grassroots inventors, innovators and
ecopreneurs engaged in conserving biodiversity and developing
eco-friendly solutions to local problems.

United Nations Commission on International Trade Law - works to further
the progressive
harmonization and unification of the law of international trade.

World Intellectual Property Organization - responsible for the promotion
of the protection of intellectual property throughout the world through
cooperation among States, and for the administration of various
multilateral treaties dealing with the legal and administrative aspects
of intellectual property.

Stories from The Development Front

The following stories were provided to members of the IDN last week and
are now available on the web site:

Britain's CDC Invests In India's First Privatised Port

ADB to Finance Railway Project to Reduce Poverty in People's Republic of

ADB Grant for Catchment Approach to Managing Soil Erosion in Asia

Samoan Nursing - the Story of Women Developing a Profession

Canada Provides Additional Assistance to China's Flood Victims

ECLAC to Study Comparative Measurements of Expenditure on Security and

EX-IM Bank Backs Effort to Clean Wastewater in Argentina

Export-Import Bank Board of Directors Votes To Implement OECD Agreement
on Export Credit Premium Rates

Secretary General Briefs In-coming Forum Chair

Australia Ratifies Waigani Convention

IDB Approves $132.8 Million for Electricity in Brazil

IDB Approves $22.5 Million for Reorganization of Health System in Haiti

MIF Approves $1,100,000 to Support Hydrocarbons Market Integration in
Central America

IDB Approves $55 Million To Improve Water Sector In Haiti

IDB Approves $25 Million For Judicial Reform in Guatemala

IDB Finances Rehabilitation of Water Treatment Facility in Colombia

Report of ILO Commission of Inquiry Reveals Widespread and Systematic
Use of Forced Labour in Myanmar (Burma)

Sex Industry Assuming Massive Proportions in Southeast Asia

Panthou, South Sudan: Displaced Children Are at Extreme Risk

Education High on Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister's Investment
Promotion Agenda

OAS to Call Special Assembly Session to Consider Budget Issues

Cooperation to Battle Drugs Enters New Era

OAS to Send Observers to Panama Referendum

OECD To Host Electronic Commerce Conference in Ottawa, 7-9 October 1998

USCR Calls U.S. Government Move to Assist Internally Displaced
Colombians "An Important First Step"
Americans Using Internet to Donate Money for Sudan Famine

Tom Murphy Elected Board Chair of Save The Children

US$14 Million UNDP Grant Assistance For Leather, Fibre and Handicraft
Sectors in India

World Food Programme Extends Assistance to Kenya Flood Victims

Christian Aid Work to Continue in Afghanistan

CARE Development and Relief Programs Remain Active in the Wake of U.S.
Military Strikes on Sudan and Afghanistan

CARE Staff Safe in the Aftermath of U.S. Military Strikes on Sudan and

Caribbean Leaders Will Meet in Santo Domingo

CARICOM Statement on the Result of the Nevis Referendum

ILPES Holds Course on Economic Reforms and Strategic Public Management

Military Expenditure: A Topic for Debate in Latin America

The Netherlands Commissions GTZ to Dispose of Toxic Waste in Pakistan

Windward Island Banana Recovery Plan Negotiated

Hope for Anse La Raye Women

Finally - Authentic Caribbean History Books

STABEX Support’s School Feeding Program

UNEP's Executive Director Visits China

Indonesia Faces Long-term Emergency

WFP Protests Against Looting of its Relief Supplies by Armed Men in the
Democratic Republic of Congo

The IDN plans to continue our growth and offerings.  If you have not yet
thought about a membership/sponsorship in the IDN, we encourage you to
consider becoming a sponsor/member of the fastest growing, most
comprehensive and current International Development Web Site on the
Internet! Information is available at

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