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AFRIK-IT  August 1998

AFRIK-IT August 1998


Britain's CDC Invests In Growing Zambian Telecommunications Market


"Christopher L. Byrne, Director" <[log in to unmask]>


African Network of IT Experts and Professionals (ANITEP) List


Sun, 2 Aug 1998 22:51:44 -0400





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The subject story and the following are available on the August 3, 1998
update of the International DEvelopment Network Web Site at

New this week at the IDN (


This week we feature a link to the DAC Guidelines on Gender Equality and
Women's Empowerment in Development Cooperation.


This week's quick link is to the web site for the World Youth Forum,
taking place in Braga, Portugal from August 2nd through 7th.


A link to the Medecins Sans Frontieres South Sudan Nutritional Update
(Microsoft Word Format) has been included.  In addition, the IDN has
converted the document to PDF format for those of you who cannot read
word documents and we will be forwarding this document format to MSF for
their use.


The following links have been added to the Funding Opportunities Page:

United Nations Population Fund Procurement Unit
The Rockefeller Foundation


This week's new and modified links include:

Education International - a world-wide trade union organisation of
education personnel, whose
23 million members represent all sectors of education from pre-school to
university 284 national
trade unions and associations in 148 countries and territories.

Forum on Economic Freedom - is designed to serve as a primary source of
information on efforts to promote economic reform, private enterprise,
and democratic consolidation around the world.

Global Meeting of Generations - The GMG is a four- year collaborative
effort of fourteen organizations which include UNDO, UNIFEM, IDB, AIESEC
and others to achieve Visions and Actions for Equitable Development in
the 21st Century.

Information Network on Post-harvest Operations - set up to assist
research and development organizations, including the private sector, to
contribute to economic development and Food Security through upgrading
of their post production systems in all its aspects.

Islamic Development Bank - The purpose of the Bank is to foster the
economic development and social progress of member countries and Muslim
communities individually as well as jointly in accordance with the
principles of Shari'ah i.e., Islamic Law.

Museum Services International - MSI provides planning and implementation
services in the areas of Cultural Heritage Development and Cultural
Tourism Development in developing nations.

Nordic Investment Bank - a multilateral financial institution owned by
the five Nordic countries. NIB finances projects of mutual interest to
the borrower country and the Nordic countries.

United Nations International Computing Centre (ICC) - established in
Geneva in 1971 as a
co-operative set up, providing a wide range of Computing and
Communication Services, on a cost
recovery basis, to its Users world-wide. ICC is managed by a Management
Committee representing the Organisations to which it provides services.

VWIS (Voluntary Work Information Service) - VWIS is a non-profit,
independent organisation which provides information on voluntary work
opportunities within the humanitarian and environmental fields in over
150 countries world-wide.

You can add your organization to the links page by following the
instructions at


The following stories have been posted on August 3:

Mr. Mitsuo Sato Announces Resignation as President of the Asian
Development Bank

ADB Loan to Improve Urban Infrastructure in Bhutan

ADRA India Granted Foreign Contribution Permit

ADRA To Manage Bougainville Reconstruction Project

ASEAN To Receive US$ 6 Million In Aid Funds From UNDP
Philippines Calls for International Conference on Globalization

ASEAN Heads Of Investment Agencies Meet in Singapore

Australia Helps Address Haze Problem In South East Asia

Australian Flood Relief For China

Australia Announces Additional Support For The Korean Peninsula Energy
Development Organization (KEDO)

Britain's CDC To Invest US$4 Million In Vietnam Factory

Britain's CDC Invests In Growing Zambian Telecommunications Market

EIB Lending In Romania Reaches ECU 1 Billion

Poland: EIB Lends ECU 280 Million For Motorway Projects

Ex-Im Bank Helps Small New Jersey Firm Export $995,000 of Oxygen Plants
to Ghana

FAO: Better Information Sharing Could Reduce Post-Harvest Food Losses  -
New Database Launched

Azerbaijan: Better Conditions For Schoolchildren

Kenya: Red Cross Water-Supply Projects Also Reduce Tension

IFC Finances Expansion Of Shrimp Operation In Belize

IFC Launches Eurodollar Global Medium Term Notes Offering

IFC Invests US$55.2 Million In Bangladesh Power Project

Red Cross/Red Crescent response to floods in Bangladesh

IMF Approves Third Annual ESAF Loan for Georgia

New International Council President For MSF

Ajiep, South Sudan: 120 People Dying From Starvation Every Day

OPIC To Facilitate Investments In South Korea - Acts On President
     Pledge To Promote Growth And Economic Reform

Crisis in Sudan Requires Presidential Envoy to Resolve

Nevis Referendum on Secession From St. Kitts-Nevis Federation

£1,000,000 needed for TRÓCAIRE's work in Sudan

UNDP And Commonwealth Join Forces To Confront Sustainable Human
     Development Challenges

UN Agencies Pledge To End Violence Against Women In Africa

New UNEP Deputy Executive Director Appointed

Klaus Toepfer appeals for stronger cooperation to deal with many forest
fires around the world

UNESCO Director-General Pledges Support For Education International
      Linking Education, Peace And Democracy

Federico Mayor Concerned By Discrimination Against Minorities, Notably
In Education

African Environment Ministers Commit To Protect Coastal Areas

UNESCO And World Bank To Assist City Of Mostar In Rebuilding Its Old

World Conference On Higher Education To Take Place In Paris In October

Dhaka Round Table Ends with Call on Civil Society  to Engage ICPD
Adversaries, Make Language Accessible

Donors Pledge Support For Indonesia

World Bank To Assist Tajikistan's Reform Program

World Bank Finances Reconstruction And Local Development In Guatemala

Protecting The Children Of Indonesia

Ghanaian Appointed To World Bank's Inspection Panel

Confronting Air Pollution In Asia's Cities

World Bank To Support Commodities Market Development In Turkey

World Bank Finances Second Education Project In Uruguay

World Bank Supports Rural Development In Latvia

WFP Aircraft Fired Upon In Northeastern Afghanistan

WFP Warns Of Serious Crop Losses In Cuba Due To Drought; Proposes
       Emergency Food Aid For More Than 500,000 People

WFP Issues Urgent Appeal For Funds To Expand Emergency Food Aid To Needy

WFP Staff Member Killed In Burundi


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