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AFRIK-IT  August 1998

AFRIK-IT August 1998


This Week at the International Development Network (August 16, 1998)


"Christopher L. Byrne, Director" <[log in to unmask]>


African Network of IT Experts and Professionals (ANITEP) List


Sun, 16 Aug 1998 10:38:34 -0400





text/plain (225 lines)

Apologies for any cross-posting

The IDN has received approval from the State of Georgia, effective
August 11, 1998, of our formation of the IDN as a non-profit
corporation. With this approval in hand, we may now apply to the
Internal Revenue Service for recognition as a 501(c)(3) entity.

In addition, the IDN has entered into an affiliate agreement with
softwareDOTnet ( Purchases made through this
URL will generate sustaining income for the IDN, while sponsoring
members of the IDN will receive rebates of 5-10% on purchases made.

And now, What's New at the IDN Web Site this week (August 16, 1998):


IDN Membership Directory

List of pending membership applications updated.

Tools You Can Use:

This week's tool is a link to the GEF Lessons Notes published by the
Monitoring and Evaluation team in the Global Environment Facility (GEF)
Secretariat. These Notes are a dissemination vehicle for lessons
emerging from evaluation studies, annual implementation reviews, and
other material of broad relevance to the GEF.

Quick Link of the Week:

This week's IDN Quick Link is to the web site for the CIDA (CANADA)
Online Consultation on Gender Equality in Development. The Canadian
International Development Agency (CIDA) is inviting Canadians and
non-Canadians to give their views on a draft CIDA policy on Gender
Equality in Development. That consultation will take place online from
August 17th to September 4th.

Fund Raising Ideas

Creme De La Creme of Restaurants Together for Taste of the Nation '98

Taste of the Nation is a fundraiser for Australia's lead aid agency,
Community Aid Abroad. Members of the public get to try a wide variety of
gourmet dishes from some of the best restaurants in their city, for a
fraction of the normal price, and all the funds go to helping poor com-
munities around the world. Read more about this at


L.A. Sparks Host World Vision Night

In support of World Vision's relief and development programs
internationally and in Los Angeles, the L.A. Sparks hosted World Vision
night in their game against the Washington Mystics at the Great Western
Forum on August 3. Read more about this at

New Links:

Assistance Universelle pour le Developpement - AUDE is a local NGO in
Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire. Our projects cover a wide range of development
activities from reproductive health and family planning to food banks
and education for girls.

Convention on Biological Diversity - represents a dramatic step forward
in the conservation of biological diversity, the sustainable use of its
components, and the fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from
the use of genetic resources.

devMEDIA - Media for Development and Democracy.

FIDAMERICA - a network of projects and institutions dedicated to
fighting rural poverty in Latin America and the Caribbean by means of
improving information and knowledge systems. Its purpose is to increase
the efficiency and the impact of initiatives of sustainable agricultural
development in poor rural areas.

The Ford Foundation - a resource for innovative people and institutions

Forum Fisheries Agency - reflects the common concern of member nations
on matters of conservation, optimum utilization and coastal states
sovereign rights over the region's living marine resources.

Latin American and Caribbean Institute for Economic and Social Planning
- assists the Governments of the region in the area of public policy
planning and coordination through the provision of training,
advisory and research services.

The National Democratic Institute for International Affairs - provides
practical assistance to civic and political leaders advancing democratic
values, practices and institutions.

World Academy for Local Government and Democracy (WALD) - Istanbul-based
NGO specializing in the areas of democracy and local government, and the
ties between these concepts.

World Water Council - provides a forum to arrive at a common strategic
vision on integrated water resources management on a sustainable basis,
and to promote the implementation of effective policies and strategies

Stories from The Development Front

The following stories were provided to members of the IDN last week and
are now available on the web site:

GAO and Chairman Gilman Laud Innovative USAID HIV/AIDS Programs

ADRA Refutes Article by L.A. Times (link to the LA Times Story included
by the IDN)

World Bank Finances Urban Property Rights Project For Peru

Paediatricians Enlisted in Fight Against Childhood Killers

Improving Women's Health in Pakistan

Canada Contributes to International Effort to Help Victims of Terrorist
Bombings in Nairobi and Dar Es Salaam

Governments Urged to Back Young People's Combat Against HIV/AIDS

UNICEF Says Young People Have Key Development Role

WFP and Lutheran World Federation Sign Agreement to Join Forces in Food
Aid Operations

WFP Reports Numbers of Displaced People Growing in Angola; Some 60,000
Receiving Emergency Food Aid

WFP To Deliver First Food to Ethnic Albanians Trapped Near
Kosovo-Albania Border Since June Offensive

Australian Assistance for Victims of Embassy Bombings

MSF Evacuates Teams from Eastern Congo

UNESCO Director-General Expresses Concern Over China Floods

Executive Secretary of the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological
Diversity Steps Down For Personal Reasons

World Commission on Water for the 21st Century Establishes Body to
Assess Water Resources & Devise Solutions

ADB Accepts Pakistan's Contribution to the Bank's Technical Assistance
Special Fund

Australian Government To Help Improve Health Care for Pacific Islanders

Canada Provides Relief to Indonesians Facing Serious Food Shortages

CDC - A Significant Investor In Emerging Markets Forestry

CDC - A Significant Investor In Emerging Markets Infrastructure

IFC Launches Hong Kong Dollar Global Medium Term Notes Offering

Increase in Infectious Diseases in Flooded Parts of China

Low Income Children in New York to Receive Used Computers From UN
Development Programme

WFP Barge Travels Down Nile River to Deliver Food for Hungry Sudanese

ADRA China Reopened, Plans Immediate Flood Relief And Housing Project

Diane Marleau to Travel to Haiti to Meet President Préval and Reinforce
Canadian-Haitian Cooperation

Large Latin American Industrial Companies and Groups Well Situated in
the 1990s

Korea Helps Strengthen Pacific Island Fisheries Legislation

IFAD to Expand Regional Training Programme on Rural Development in Latin
America and the Caribbean

Dengue Haemorragic Fever Epidemic in Cambodia May Become the Worst in
Country's History, Red Cross/red Crescent Warns

Rs.17 crores UNDP Assistance to Bring Energy to Rural Areas of India

Belgian Aircraft En Route to WFP Food Aid Operation in Sudan Carries
Medical Assistance for Victims of Nairobi Blast

First Canadian-made Therapeutic Milk for Sudan Famine Now in Production

Hamilton Aid Worker Kick Starts Housing Project for African Refugees

GTZ Takes a Look at Radio and Television in Oman

Agreement on a New Telecommunications Regulatory Framework for Bosnia
and Herzegovina Reached in Geneva

Costa Rican Minister Outlines Health Situation

Get the Cease-fire in Sudan Extended to One Year - Minister Urged by

Trócaire Welcomes Ministerial Visit to Sudan

World Bank Supports Thailand's Financial Restructuring Reform

USCR Condemns Use of Food as a Weapon in Kosovo

Senegal Blocks Aid Supplies from Reaching War Victims in Guinea Bissau

Government Honours Australia's Overseas Volunteers

Philippine Microfinance Summit to be held at ADB


The IDN plans to continue our growth and offerings. If you have not yet
thought about a membership/sponsorship in the IDN, we encourage you to
consider becoming a sponsor/member of the fastest growing, most
comprehensive and current International Development Web Site on the
Internet! Information is available at

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