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Subject: Re: Yawn! They got Longinus wrong too!!!
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Reply-To:CELTIC-L - The Celtic Culture List.
Date:Tue, 5 Aug 1997 14:03:58 -0400

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In a message dated 97-07-22 20:01:42 EDT, [log in to unmask] writes:

<< If Longinus doesn't take it from the world of history into
the world of legend, >>

        Okay Im a little late in posting back on this one but I have just
returned from
         the "Great White North" and am catching up on all the back threads.
        of the points which triggered a certain distaste for the series was
the treatment
        of Longinus.  As I recall from the first episode the dark cloaked
Roman advisor
        was the centurion who pierced Christ's side at the Crucifixtion
damned to
        living a life of eternal darkness as a punishment for his crime.
Hmmm not
        quite the legendary life of St Longinus as recorded in the Christian
        It seems that they have chosen to portray the image made popular by
       of pulp novels put out under the titles "Longinus Casca the Eternal
       Not the first time such a distortion has been portrayed theatricaly
see "The
       Seventh Sign" a Demi Moore film with a similiarly styled and named

        Longinus,  the Centurion of Mark 15:39,  had been a battle hardened
        of numerous Roman campaigns who was reduced to prison and guard duty
        due to wounds which had left him seriously debilitated and almost
blind.  After
        piercing Christ's side with his pilum the blood and fluids which
poured forth
        drenched his face and subsequently his eyesight was miraculously
        Following this incident he left military service to become a
        was instructed in the faith and teachings of Christ by the Apostles.
        companion of Peter he journeyed with him finally settleing down in
        where his preaching resulted in his arrest by the Roman authorities.
        provincial governor determined to make an example of this traitorous
        and  had his tongue cut out and his jaw broken after extracting
one of his
        teeth.  These efforts failed however to silence Longinus as he
        preaching the  gospel in the prescence of the governor.  Picking up
his staff,
        crafted from the remanants of  his lance that had pierced Christ at
        he destroyed at a touch the Roman statuary that adorned the hall

        one exploding in a brilliant flash of light.  The governor was
blinded by the
        explosions and ordered Longinus' execution.  The following day still
blind the
        governor presided over the beheading of Longinus.  The impetus of
        was so profound that the governor's face was splatterred with the
gushing blood
        from Longinus' wound.  When the droplets seeped into his eyes his
sight was

        The relics of St Longinus are now held in the Church of St Augustine
in Rome
        and his Lance is embedded in one of the Four Pillars over the Altar
of the
        Basillica of St Peter,  carried there by a retired Roman governor of
the Province
        of Cappodacia,  Lucinius Decius who journeyed there in search of a
man called

         Okay,  okay not much obcelt here but one damn good mythstory for a
         August. ( Lets see Disney tackle this one)

        Art K

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