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Subject: Shorys y Creary (Gealg / Baarle)
From: Mark Kermode <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To:Manx Gaelic Language Forum <[log in to unmask]>
Date:Sun, 13 Jul 1997 20:41:16 00.00

text/plain (62 lines)

Myr dooyrt mee 'sy naight jeant aym, ta Shorys y Creary (George
Broderick) jannoo veg jeh'n Ghaelg ta goll er loayrt ayns Mannin 'sy
laghyn t'ayn jiu. T'eh gra nagh vel eh Gaelg agh Baarle as fockleyn
Gaelgagh currit er. T'eh kiart gra nagh vel Gaelgeyryn dy liooar as
Gaelg glen oc dy ynsaghey ooilley yn sleih ta g'eearree yn Ghaelg ec
y traa t'ayn as, myr shen, foddee dy vel tooilley sleih ayn as Gaelg
brisht oc, agh ta jeeaghyn dy vel Shorys g'eearree cur baase da'n
çhengey bio as freayl eh myr çhengey marroo son academmee.

Seign dooin cur cooinaghtyn er yn nhee dy vel yn Ghaelg ny smoo na
fo-ghlaare Yernish (myr paart dy leih coontey ee dy ve) as , myr
shen, t'eh beggan ommidagh dy yerkal ee dy ve gollrish Yernish. Ta
ram jeh yn stoo ta kuse dy leih gra Baarlagh rish foddey ro henn dy
ve Baarlagh. Haink ny caghlaaghyn shoh voish cheu-sthie jeh'n theay
Gaelgagh hene, roish my ren yn chooid smoo jeu eer clashtyn Baarle.
My neemayd cur çheb da caghlaa yn Ghaelg ain dy yeaghyn "smoo
Gaelgagh", cha bee eh çhengey Vannin agh far-çhengey.

Ta "linguistic authenticy" yn chlagh va aa-vioghey y chernowish bait
er: Dy jinnagh ny Gaelgeyryn 'sy laghyn t'ayn jiu ceau magh ooilley ny fockleyn as
grammah nagh vel "glen-Gaelgagh" cha beagh fockleyn dy liooar er nyn
dannaghtyn dy gra "çhengey" rish! Agh ny yei, ta fys mie ain dy
oddagh shin goll er-ash daa cheead bleeantyn as loayrt yn Ghaelg ain
rish ny Gaelgeyryn jeh'n traa shen, yinnagh ad toiggal shin (ny
lissagh dou gra "yinnagh ad da nyn doiggal"?)

Daausyn ta g'ynsaghey yn Ghaelg, ta mee gra "Gow-jee er gyn goaill
tastey jeh'n lheid Shorys: Choud's vees shiu g'eearree Gaelg chiart,
yiow shiu ee."

Agus anois, 'sa Bhéarla:

As I said in the news I wrote, Goerge Broderick has dismissed the
Manx language as spoken today. He says that it isn't Manx but English
with Manx words. It is true to say that there are not currently
enough fluent speakers to teach all those who wish to learn and so
perhaps there are more people than formerly with "broken" Manx, but
it seems that George wants to kill the living language and keep as a
dead language for academics.

We must remember the fact that Manx is more than just a dialect of
Irish (as some people think it to be) and it is a little foolish,
therefore, to expect it to be like Irish. Much of that which some
people call anglicism is far too old to be anglicism. These changes
came from within the Manx speaking community itself before the
greater part of them had even heard English. If we attempt to change
Manx to seem more "Gaelic", then we will nothing more than an
artificial language.

"Linguistic authenticity" is the rock upon which the Cornish revival
foundered. If modern Manx speakers were to throw out all the words
and grammer that are not "authentic Gaelic", there wouldn't be enough
words left to call a language! Nonetheless, we know that if we were
to go back in time two hundred years and speak to the Manx speakers
of that time, they would understand us (or ought I say "they would do
an understanding of us"?)

To those who are learning Manx, I say "Carry on without taking notice
of the likes of George: As long as you want "proper" Manx, you'll get
Mark Kermode,

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