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Subject: Re: new subscriber
From: Antone Minard <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To:WELSH Language Bulletin Board <[log in to unmask]>
Date:Wed, 26 Mar 1997 10:26:27 -0800

text/plain (53 lines)

At 09:18 AM 3/26/97 -0600, you wrote:
>Forgive the posting in English as that does not seem to be prevalent, but I
>am hoping someone could help me with the following translation.
>I. A elfyntodd dwyr sinddyn duw cerrig yr fferllurig nwyn os syriaeth ech
>saffaer tu fewr echlyn mor necrombor llun.

This is beyond your abilities because the spelling is atrocious. At a guess,
the words are "O elements of water which lead? the god of rocks that
chainmail/some sort of mail (=fferllurig) hunger if knighthood your sapphire
the great side of the axis as dark as the moon."

Note the lack of verbs.

The only real Welsh words are A, (many meanings), Duw, God; Cerrig, rocks;
 yr, the/of the/that;  os, if; tu, side; mor, greater, -er;
 Llun, moon, picture, plan.

The possible words are

elfyntodd: a pseudo-archaic spelling of _elfen_, element. The -odd is the 3
sing. preterite ending, so it may mean 'elemented.' ; dwyr, possible water
or an incorrect plural of water by analogy with gw^r. ; sinddyn = ysdd + 'n
+ d(d)yn, which _dyn_s. Dyn is man, not usually a verb, so this ought to mean
'which is a man'. ; fferllurig = ffer, iron? (the correct word is haearn, which
is a native word but sounds borrowed to foreigners) + llurig, which is borrowed
and means mail or breastplate. ; nwyn could be 'nwyn, leads me/takes me away, or
a mis-spelling for newyn, hunger. syriaeth is syr, sir/shire, + an abstract
Ech isn't anything but it could be a compromise between ych & eich, your;
could be saffir, sapphire; fewr could be fawr, mut. of mawr, great; echlyn could
be echlin, axis; necrombor could be any necro- type word.

>II. Anail Nathrock Uthvass Bethudd dochiel diende.
This is beyond your abilities because it isn't Welsh. Is this that gibberish
from Excalibur? What on earth is it? If I had to pretend it was, I'd say
"not second of the teacher's cutlass which is above the evil-eyed turkey",
but that assumes the Welsh are borrowing words from Irish and French which they
never have before.

After all this, please tell me what your source is for this. I'm very curious.

>Unfortunately this is beyond my abilities and any assistance would be much
>appreciated.  Thanks.

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