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Leagan A/thcheartai/the/Recorrected Version


Eoin MagRaighne <[log in to unmask]>


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Sat, 8 Jun 1996 12:26:04 -0400





text/plain (93 lines)
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Ni fula/ir dom anois leagan Gaoluinne a cheartu/.
Is maith gan a/mhras focail a sgri/ as ucht.
Is maith gramadach agus litriu/ a sheicea/il,
cho/mh maith.
I must now correct the Irish version. It is
undoubtedly good to speak from the heart.
It is good to check grammar and spelling,
as well.
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Subj: Re: AnnBullshit
Date: 96-06-07 17:13:36 EDT
From: EoinMag
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[English translation follows]
Ta/ dearmhad ort, a h-A/ine. A/thbhuno/far gan
teip saol na nGael a re/abadh o/ namhaid gallda
gan ono/ir. Be/idh an fhiontar samhail do'n dhre/im
re/ Beanna Bo/ i la/r an gheimhridh- ana-dheacair.
Deasnuightear fian croi/the do'n a/gh i n-E/irinn,
i n-Albain, agus i n-illa/iteannaibh eile ar fuid an
domhan, mar a sgri/obhaim na li/nte seo. Croi/the
is iad go bhfuil lasarthacht na n-oscar ann.
Sreangfaid a neart iar n-aimsiribh ciana o/ na
Fe/inibh a/rsa. Misnigheann an Bhaidhb Chatha
iad mar a mhisnigheadh si/ na gaiscigh i n-idirche/in.
Is ro/mpa ata/ "gal gre/ine" na Fe/inne Fhinn ag
foluain le ghaoith. Tabhrfaid a gcroi/the go luath
brigh dona la/mhaibh agus iomdho/far go mo/r a
bhfian. Tabhrfar i n-am agus i dtra/th an chraobh
do/ibh, agus glano/far iaramh galldachas as sruth
na beithe Gaelaighe. Co/imhli/onfar tri dha/nacht
agus bhuanseasmhacht na rudai/ u/d. Mu/scail do
mhisneach, O iarmhair na nGael. Bi/ ann, O chine
Gaelaigh, bi/ ann.
                           Eo/in [fearacht na bhfi/li/]
PS. Freagair me/ tri/ Ogham, ma/'s e/ do thoil e/.
       Is e/ cla/r na fi/rinne- ta/im cho/mh Gaelach
       sin. [Greann!]
Aistriu/cha/n =
You are wrong, Ann. The Gaelic world which was
shattered by a foreign enemy without honour will
be restored without fail. The effort will be like a
Winter's ascent before Ben Bo/- very difficult. A
band of hearts is being prepared for that battle
in Ireland, in Scotland, and in many other places
around the world, as I write these lines. They are
hearts in which the fire-like passion of the heroes
resides. They will draw their strength across long
ages from the ancient Free Gaels. The
Raven-Goddess of Battle encourages them, as she
used to encourage the warriors long ago. The =
Sunburst banner of the ancient Fianna flutters before
them. Soon their hearts will give efficacy to their
hands and their company will greatly increase. In due
course, they will win the victory and the river of
Gaelic life will then be cleansed of foreign
ways. These things will be accomplished through
boldness and persistence. Waken thy courage,
O Children of the Gael! Exist, O Gaelic People,
                   Eo/in [in the manner of the poets]
 PS. Answer me through the medium of Ogham,
       please. It's true- I'm that Gaelic! [Joke!]

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