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Subject: Re: Pandora's Box
From: "Thomas G. Mungall III" <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To:CELTIC-L - The Celtic Culture List.
Date:Fri, 8 Dec 1995 13:33:45 -0600

text/plain (104 lines)

Hey! Folks! I didn't want to get people so stirred up on this subject!
But you know I would love to see just WHAT would happen if you all were
locked in a room for a few hours!:) The Passion for the respective
religions is so great! I think that passion and interest in one's life is
good. The energy over this subject FAR outweighs the other subjects on
the list except the Clinton thread and Scottish indep. thread! True?
Tom Mungall <[log in to unmask]>
On Thu, 7 Dec 1995, drew deegan wrote:
> Offended! I am livid. This was an ovious excercise in Christian
> Fundamentalist rhetoric, and to be truthful I was dubious from the onset. I
> mean what Wiccan or otherwise deals in sacrifice? That you were ever High
> Priestess is to me doubtful.
> The Romans used to think that Christians sacrificed and ate humans because
> of their misunderstanding of the Eucharist. I seriously doubt that this
> "friend" of yours doing "research" exists and if he/she does, it is probably
> for the express purpose of slamming the Craft. You know, centuries of
> persecution and burning seem to have gotten us no where when we are up
> against such stupid enquiries. Had you been a Priestess, you could have
> probably answered your friend's query quite nicely on your own.
> > Please forward the address of nemeton-l.
> I would serioulsy reconsider what anyone who does forward this might be
> exposing the people of Nemeton-L to .
> >All replies re: Sacrificing have been forwarded. More are welcome.
> If I end up on some Born Again mailing list as a result of this , will be
> very  pissed off.
> >Carrying the idea to its logical conclusion, how can you live and not
> >hurt something, or even kill it, as your body produces leukocytes whose
> >sole mission is to seek and destroy other living organisms?
> Do you think JHWH thought of that when He  made up the one about "Thou shalt
> not kill" ? I believe a certain amount of reason is necessary, and I belive
> it applies to consciously taking a life. Our existence on the planet
> obviously accounts for the fact we must consume energy sources and protect
> our own organism - anyhow this is one of those existensialist arguments that
> leads nowhere, I think most reasoning humans know what is implied.
> >say that they do their thing and prefer to be left to do it. I just happen
> >to love a good debate. That's why I married my hubby. Besides, I take it
> >as an honor that a pagan would paraphrase my God, and use his statements
> >in their arguments. (+|smug smirk|+) It just proves how right I am.
> Your God didn't have the copywright on any philosophies, in fact the same
> ideas can be found by almost all religions and philosophies on the planet,
> many of whom predate yours by thousands of years. I really take offense to
> the zealous tunnel-vision type of proselytizing that certain Christians do.
> Smug smirks included.
> >It is true that most people are unaware of the truths to which they
> >subscribe. Most Wiccans are unaware of the anthropological evidence
> >surrounding, or contradicting their claims. Unfortunate.
> If you want anthropological evidence, why don't you look in your own back
> yard, YHWH ( a feminine artice in hebrew -Yod- by the way , and thus "She
> who creates" later turned around by patriarchal types.) was originally part
> of a pantheon himself, and formerly a grain god, then went on to become a
> mountain god and , in much of the manner of Zeus and the Titans, finally
> became a monotheistic deity. A fact which most Judeo-Christians don't know,
> or are ashamed of. A pantheist would have no problem with this, a monotheist
> would cause a war over it.
> >Yeshua (Jesus) said love God first, and he wasn't talking about Lughos.
> >Not all religions reflect a loving or compassionate Godhead. I refer to
> >Kali. Or Hera. Or Diana. Or Zeus. & many, many, others.
> Why are you slagging other gods, YHWH, Yahweh, Jehova etc. had his finger on
> the smite button  most of the way through the old testament. I don't think a
> compassionate god tells one of his devout followers to sacrifice his son to
> him on a mountain and then at the last minute yells "psych!" , that is
> called a mind game and shows a deviant, petty, vengeful mentality, and not a
> compassionate  Godhead.
> Anyhow, this is definately not the forum for this, and as much as I wanted
> to reply via email, I found it necessary to forwarn any Pagans of getting
> involved in this kind of conversion trap. It is insidious and disgusting to
> use this list as a vehicle for proselytization. Can we get back to things
> Celtic before I puke.
> Don't get met wrong, I have nothing against Christianity , but it is this
> -gotta-sell-ya-something- mentality that has been the driving force behind
> most of humanity's misfortune. Mark my words, this "survey" will probably
> end up on some evangelical talk show or the likes as a "see, Wiccans really
> do sacrifice things to their gods" hook.
> To all the good Christians who are happy in their faith, without the need to
> ram it down the throats of others, I applaud you and apologise if this was
> seen as an attack on your faith. It wasn't, but being a member of a greatly
> misunderstood and much maligned minority faith, I am sick of this kind of
> abuse, even if it does come in wearing kid gloves and pink fuzzy slippers.
> >|   all priests and shamans must be presumed guilty until proven      |
> >|   innocent.                                                         |
> >|       |             --r. heinlein
> I think this sums up your philosophy quite nicely. Remind anyone of the
> Burning times?

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