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Subject: 14th International Diatom Symposium -1st circular
From: Mayama Shigeki <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To:Mayama Shigeki <[log in to unmask]>
Date:Mon, 19 Jun 1995 20:43:02 +0900

text/plain (217 lines)

Fourteenth International Diatom  Symposium  will be held in Tokyo,
1996.  The first  circular of the symposium will be mailed soon to
over 1000 peoples including  all the members of the  International
Society  for Diatom Research.  The contents of the circular are as
          *                                             *
          *     14th INTERNATIONAL DIATOM SYMPOSIUM     *
          *           SEPTEMBER 2-8, 1996               *
          *              TOKYO, JAPAN                   *
          *       < FIRST CIRCULAR - JUNE 1995 >        *
          *                                             *
   In  accordance  with the decision of the general meeting at the
previous  Italy  Symposium,  the Japanese  Society  of Diatomology
and the International Society for Diatom Research cordially invite
you  to  attend the 14th International Diatom Symposium (14th IDS)
which will be held from September 2-8, 1996 at the National Olympic
Memorial Youth Center in Tokyo, Japan.
   The venue lies near Shinjuku Station which is the busiest station
in Tokyo as  well  as  in  the  world.  After  arriving  at  Narita
International Airport, you must travel 66 km (41 miles) to Tokyo.
There  are  several  ways  to reach Shinjuku, the direct "limousine"
buses, JR (Japan  Railway) trains  and Keisei-line (private) trains.
A taxi would be very expensive.  More  information  will be provided
in the  Second  Circular.  You can reach  the venue within 7 minutes
from  Shinjuku  Station, 4 minutes, by the  Odakyu-line (private) to
Sangubashi and then 3 minutes on foot.
   Papers  concerning  all aspects of diatom  research  are  welcome
for  both  oral and  poster presentations.   The  Registration,  the
Reception on Monday (September 2) and  the Banquet on Friday evening
(September 6) will also be held at the same venue.
   Rather than a few  large formal workshops in a lecture format, we
would prefer  to have  numerous  smaller  informal discussions.  The
evenings of Tuesday (September 3)  and  Wednesday (September 4) will
be reserved for such workshops.
   The  venue  is the former accommodations of the  Olympic athletes
during the  Tokyo  Olympics  held  in  1964, and because of age, all
the buildings have been recently  reconstructed.  Therefore all  the
rooms  are  new  and clean.  It is  managed by the government so the
accommodation  fee  is  very  cheap  by Japanese standards but since
it was built for young athletes almost all rooms are for single use.
   At  the  time  of printing this  circular, the room charge in the
Lodging  Building  A  was 2300  yen (about  US $ 27) per  night  per
person,  but each unit of ten rooms must share communal  bath   and
toilet  facilities,  and  lodgers must  make their own beds as it is
self service.  The charge  in  Lodging Building D is 4000 yen (about
US $ 47) per night per person, but each room has a bath, toilet and
telephone. Prices in Japan are very stable  but  the  fluctuation of
the  exchange  rate  may  make  things  more  expensive  for  those
participants visiting from outside Japan.
   A three meal package will be available in the dining room for 1700
yen per day.
   The official language of the conference will be English.  No trans-
lation service  will  be  provided.
   Some  of the topics expected to be covered in Freshwater, Marine,
Fossil and Applied Diatomologies are: Taxonomy, Morphology, Cytology,
Physiology, Life Cycle, Biochemistry, Ecology, Toxicology, Genealogical
Evolution,  Palaeoenvironment, Palaeoecology, Stratigraphy, Molecular
Biology, Environmental Assessment, Industrial Techniques (Manufacturing
Industry), Forensic Science, Science Education, etc.
   A mid-week excursion is planned for Thursday (September 5) to Mt.
Fuji and Kawaguchi-ko (Kawaguchi  Lake).  On the way to Mt. Fuji, we
can observe characteristic  vegetation  and will have an opportunity
to collect freshwater diatom samples at the lake, approx. 7,000-9,000
   Post-symposium  academic tours are also planned because there are
many interesting places for the  participants in Tokyo and around Japan.
Of course, participants are free to take  one  of the many regularly
scheduled package tours offered by various tourist agencies.
        (1) Oligocene and Neogene fossil diatoms in Joban area.
           Tour  participants will visit the Joban area (former coal-
           mines, 200 km northeast of Tokyo) where there  will be an
           opportunity  to  sample Oligocene,  Miocene  and Pliocene
           marine diatoms as well as Early Miocene non-marine diatom
           fossils. 12  persons, first-come-first-serve. September 8
           to 10 (three  days),  approx. 20,000-25,000 yen.
        (2) Freshwater and fossil diatoms in Shiobara and Nikko.
           Tour participants  will  visit  Oogane  to sample Miocene
           marine diatoms,  and visit Shiobara to sample Pleistocene
           lacustrine diatom deposits, and finally visit Chuzenji-ko
           (Chuzenji Lake) in Nikko (150 km north of Tokyo) to collect
           living freshwater diatoms.  A stop at the  famous  shrine
           Tosho-gu in Nikko will be included. September 8 to 9 (two
           days), approx. 25,000-30,000 yen.
        (3) Freshwater, lake and river diatoms in Nikko.
           Tour participants will visit Yuno-ko (Yuno Lake), Chuzen-
           ji-ko (Chuzenji Lake) and some ponds in the  Senjo-gahara
           high  moor located in Nikko National Park.  Nikko is most
           famous as  the  site of  the  magnificent Tosho-gu (Tosho
           Shrine).  September 8 to 10 (three days), approx. 50,000 yen.
   Depending on exchange rates, approximately 20,000 yen for members
of the Japanese Society of Diatomology and the International Society
for  Diatom  Research, 25,000 yen  for non members,  2,000  yen  for
accompanying  persons.  We hope to offer lower registration fees for
   Deadline for receipt of the preliminary registration form enclosed
is September 30, 1995.
   Second  circular  will be distributed in the end of 1995 to those
who have  made  the  preliminary registration.  It will give further
information about program, abstracts,  registration, accommodations,
field trips, together with a note of the estimated costs.
     *                                                      *
     *  Dr. HIROMU KOBAYASI                                 *
     *  Convener (14th International Diatom Symposium)      *
     *  TOKYO DIATOM INSTITUTE, HONCHO 3-8-9-813,           *
     *  HONCHO 3-8-9-813, KOGANEI-SHI, TOKYO                *
     *  184 JAPAN                                           *
     *  TEL./FAX. +81-423-84-7795                           *
     *    (+81 is the International Country Code for Japan) *
   I  intend to participate in the 14th International Diatom Symposium
and would like to receive the 2nd circular.
<Please fill in using typewriter or printer to help us avoid mistakes!>
Surname (Family Name):
Full Name: Title (Prof./Dr./Mr./Ms.) + Surname + Given Name(s)
Mailing Address:
Telephone / Facsimile / E-mail address:
Accompanying Persons:
I hope to present a paper on the topic:
Tentative Title:
I would prefer to give my presentation
                  [   ] orally.
                  [   ] in poster form.
[   ] I require a personal letter of invitation to the Symposium.
Preference in accommodation:
                  [   ] Lodging Bldg. D (4000 yen/night + tax)
                  [   ] Lodging Bldg. A (2300 yen/night + tax)
                  [   ] I will find my own
Interest in Mid-week/Post-Symposium Excursions:
                  <Mid-week Excursion>
                            [   ] Mt. Fuji and Kawaguchi Lake
                  <Post Symposium Excursion>
                            [   ] (1) Oligocene and Neogene fossil
                                  diatoms in the Joban area
                            [   ] (2) Freshwater and fossil diatoms
                                  in Shiobara and Nikko
                            [   ] (3) Freshwater, lake and river
                                  diatoms in Nikko
   Deadline  for receipt  of the  preliminary  registration  form is
September 30, 1995.  Please return this form to:
                Dr. Hiromu Kobayasi,
                Tokyo Diatom Institute
                Honcho 3-8-9-813, Koganei-shi, Tokyo
                184  Japan
 Shigeki MAYAMA
 E-mail: [log in to unmask]
 Tel. +81 (0)423 25 2111    Fax. +81 (0)423 24 9832
 Department of Biology, Tokyo Gakugei University
 Koganei-shi, Tokyo, 184 Japan

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