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From: Richard Moe <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To:Richard Moe <[log in to unmask]>
Date:Wed, 28 Jun 1995 11:38:28 PDT

text/plain (92 lines)

Dear algae-l subscribers:  The University of California Publications in
Botany has informed us (Paul Silva, Phil Basson, and me, Richard Moe)
that our Catalogue of benthic marine algae of the Indian Ocean has been
accepted for publication. The IOCatalogue is similar to the catalogue
of Philippine Island algae or the catalogue of Red Sea algae or the
catalogue of Antarctic algae, which were prepared previously here,
though it is larger. Its goal is to tally all records of algae from the
Indian Ocean in a consistent taxonomic framework.
As part of the final revising process, I have prepared an electronic,
on-line version that incorporates nearly everything that the printed
version will contain and some things that it will not. I invite you to
take a look and offer suggestions, criticisms, and corrections. Your
scrutiny will improve the final version of the book.
The electronic version is a collection of World Wide Web pages
accessible via the URL under algae or
directly via It
will be updated during the revising, and later maintained (if it proves
to be useful).
If you are dubious about the utility of the Web, the electronic
IOCatalogue, being far from an ideal Web application (too many words!),
may not convert you, but I think that it can show you that there is a
place for on-line documents. If you don't have a Web browser (Lynx,
Netscape, Mosaic--anything on any machine should be OK), find someone
who does and borrow their computer for 10 minutes.
If you have trouble using this, please let me know so I can track down
problems. Send e-mail to [log in to unmask]
Those WWW aficionados among you will see how the Web version can be
improved. Several improvements are in the works. I want to add
several kinds of searches and reduce the size of the files that
need to be transmitted. Please let me have
your ideas (send addresses of pertinent models).
Thanks, Richard Moe
Here is a copy of the abstract:
Silva, Paul C., Philip W. Basson, and Richard L. Moe.  Catalogue of the
Benthic Marine Algae of the Indian Ocean.
All published records of benthic marine algae from the Indian Ocean
excluding the Red Sea are assembled in a catalogue with the taxa
arranged according to an assumed phylogenetic scheme to the rank of
order.  The taxonomic framework takes into account recently published
opinions.  Each taxonomic synonym is accompanied by a citation of the
author who first proposed the synonymy.  Additional taxonomic and
nomenclatural notes are provided where deemed useful.  Type localities
are indicated for all basionyms.  A total of 1354 of the 3295 accepted
names have type localities lying within the Indian Ocean region.
Cyanophyceae (blue-green algae) comprise 69 genera with 287 species or
infraspecific taxa.  They are arranged principally according to the
Geitlerian scheme as modified by Komarek and Anagnostidis, accompanied
by a reconciliation with the Drouetian system.  Their nomenclature is
based on a 1753 Linnean starting-point.
Rhodophyceae (red algae) comprise 385 genera with 1807 species or
infraspecific taxa.
Phaeophyceae (brown algae) comprise 96 genera with 605 species or
infraspecific taxa, of which 241 belong to _Sargassum_.
Xanthophyceae (represented only by _Vaucheria_) comprise 11 species.
Chlorophyceae (green algae) comprise 78 genera with 585 species or
infraspecific taxa, of which 132 belong to _Caulerpa_.
The new name _Carradoriella_ is adopted in place of _Carradoria_
Kylin.  In addition, new binomials are proposed in _Acrosiphonia_,
_Brachytrichia_, _Carpothamnion_, _Carradoriella_, _Caulerpa_,
_Ceramium_, _Chondria_, _Cladophoropsis_, _Coeloclonium_,
_Cryptarachne_, _Dermocarpa_, _Echinothamnion_, _Endosiphonia_,
_Epicladia_, _Eucheuma_, _Feldmannia_, _Gayralia_, _Gelidium_,
_Gracilaria_, _Husseya_, _Jania_, _Kappaphycus_, _Leibleinia_,
_Lithophyllum_, _Lobophora_, _Lophocladia_, _Microcystis_,
_Microdictyon_, _Micropeuce_, _Oligocladella_, _Phloiocaulon_,
_Phormidium_, _Pneophyllum_, _Rhizoclonium_, _Rytiphlaea_, _Sargassum_,
_Sphaenosiphon_, _Spirocoleus_, _Sporolithon_, _Spyridia_,
_Stictosiphonia_, _Stilophora_, _Struveopsis_, and _Stypopodium_.
A history of Indian Ocean phycology by the late G.F. Papenfuss precedes
the body of the catalogue.  Extensive taxonomic and nomenclatural notes
by P.C. Silva on _Agardhiella_, Bangiophycidae, _Carradoriella_,
_Ceramium flaccidum_, Cyanophyceae, _Dictyopteris_, _Ectocarpus_,
_Gracilariales_, _Lophosiphonia_, _Microdictyon_, _Phloiocaulon_,
Rhodophyceae, _Stenocladia_, and _Stilophora rhizodes_ are included in
an appendix.  Lists of species for each of the politico-geographic
units covered are provided.

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