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Subject: Bookstores (long!)
From: John Thomas McCranie <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To:[log in to unmask]
Date:Wed, 14 Sep 1994 10:46:12 -0700

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Somebody, I think it might have been Sandra Durham, once said:
> Is there a "difinitive" list of bookstores that carry some of
> the suggested reading material discussed on this list?  Mail Order
> or otherwise???  Or perhaps Publishing Houses that specialize
> on things Celtic.  I know Ford and Baile have been mentioned,
I'm not sure what the suggested reading material is, but here's a list
of bookstores I've collect that carry books in Irish.  Most of them
also carry a wide range of books in English on various things Celtic.
The file is stored in the GAELIC-L archives as IGJTM1 BIBL.
A/dh mo/r,
John T. McCranie, Manager, CS Dept. Computer Labs
San Francisco State University [log in to unmask]
A chairde,
Below is a list of bookstores and the catalogs I have received from them.
In all cases, I just sent them a letter asking for a catalog.  I used to
think that it was nearly impossible to find books in Irish.  Now I have
the opposite problem - too many to choose from!
In some cases, the catalogs themselves provide interesting reading material.
I am always looking for more info on "leabhair Ghaeilge." If you know
of other books stores that stock Irish language books, please let me
<[log in to unmask]> (John T. McCranie)
26/Feb/93 - Added entries for: Audio-Forum, Leabhar Gaeilge, and ITE/.
05/Jul/93 - Added entries for: Cairde na nGael, Dufour Editions, Ford &
                               Baile, O'Brien Press, Greene's, Associated
                               Technical Services
            Updated entries for: CIC, CSC, SCH
Books for learners of Irish.
Catalogs and Stores in the USA and Ireland (though I'm more than willing
to add stores in other coutries as well!).
Entry format:
Name:    Name of the store
Address: Address as given in the catalog
Phone:   Phone number from catalog
Fax:     If available
Abbreviation:  Three letter abbreviation used in listing
Catalog(s):    Which version of the catalog(s) I have (if marked)
Notes:   Ordering info, my impressions, interesting items from a
         catalog, etc.
Name:    Associated Technical Services, Inc.
Address: 855 Bloomfield Ave.
         Glen Ridge, NJ
Phone:   (201) 748-5673
Fax:     (201) 748-5560
Abbreviation:  ATS
Catalog(s):    N/A
Notes:   These folks apparently specialized in dictionaries.
         They will send you a flyer of available dictionaries
         "on learning your specific needs, i.e. languages
         and their directions (e.g. Ger-Engl or Engl-Ger or both),
         well-defined subject areas, not just broad description
         such as 'technical dictionaries.'"  I haven't yet replied
         to that note with a request for Irish dictionaries.  They
         also sent a short list of available books. They have books
         for learners of all the Celtic languages - more Breton
         books on the list than Irish! 1 Manx, 2 Gaelic, 2 Irish,
         4 Breton, 2 Cornish, and 7 Welsh books. "There are, of
         course, dictionaries for these languages as well."
Name:    Audio-Forum
Address: Suite LA90
         96 Broad Street
         Guilford, CT
Phone:   1-800-243-1234  (toll free)
         (203) 453 - 9794
Fax:     (203) 453 - 9774
Abbreviation:  ADF
Catalog(s):    The Whole World Language Catalog
Notes:   From the front cover: "The world's largest selection
         of audio and video self-instructional language courses -
         230 courses in 79 languages."  Has some Gaelic, Irish,
         Welsh.  Poetry, songs, "Learning Irish" and some recordings/
         magazine issues of "An Droichead."
Name:    Dufour Editions Inc.
Address: Post Office Box 7
         Chester Springs
Phone:   (215) 458 - 5005
         1-800-869-5677 (for credit card orders, M-F 9am-5pm ET)
Fax:     (215) 458 - 7103
Abbreviation:  DFE
Catalog(s):    "complete catalog of books from and about Ireland 1992-93"
               (58 pages)
               Complete Catalog 1992-93  (95 pages)
Notes:   A very nice catalog of books about Ireland, but the only
         ones in Irish are a handfull of dual-language editions.
         Their complete catalog contains translations from many
         languages around the world (Nordic, Slavic, Asian, etc)
         in sections like Fiction, Poetry, Drama, Folklore, Crafts,
         They take VISA/Mastercard, and gift orders.
Name:    Ford & Baile
Address: Post Office Box 138
         Belmont, MA
Phone:   (617) 489-6635
Fax:     (617) 489-6388
Abbreviation:  FNB
Catalog(s):    Fall 1992 (8 pages)
Notes:   Book list is subtitled "Celtic Books for Scholars and Students."
         A fascinating collection! Reasonable prices and shipping too.
         Most of the familiar references (Foclo/ir Po/ca, Buntu/s Cainte,
         Christian Bros., etc) as well as Old Irish books, Welsh books,
         Celtic studies, and more.
         A flyer also sent:
         Newly Published "Carmina Gadelica  Hymns & Incantations"
         (English text only).
Name:    Irish Books
Address: 580 Broadway, Room 1103,
         New York, New York. 10012
Phone:   (212) 274-1923
Abbreviation:  IBG
Catalog(s):    Learning The Irish Language (4 pages)
               Main Catalog
               Irish Books News (1992) (6 pages)
Notes:  To order items:
        make cheques payable to "Irish Books"  and
        include Shipping of $2.50 for the first book, and .25 for each
        additional one.
        Credit card orders accepted if total is over $20.00
        If you reside in N.Y. or N.J., add sales tax.
        Recently published "A Reader's Guide to Books in the Irish Language."
        A very nice book - short reviews of approx. 200 titles.
        Has cassettes of "Seo/ Beo an tSathairn" availible. This "
        a weekly radio program in Irish from Radio na Gaeltachta, hosted
        by Ireland's most popular radio personality, Seosaimhi/n Ni/
        Bheaglaoich, covering current events, boos and theatre reviews,
        reports on the arts and special events presented in a lively,
        up-beat format."
Name:    Irish Books & Media
Address: 1433 Franklin Avenue East
         Minneapolis, MN  55404-2135
Phone:   (612) 871 - 3505
Fax:     (612) 871 - 3358
Abbreviation: IBM
Catalog(s):   Summer 1992 (8 pages)
              Leabhair Gaeilge
              Music Titles (4 pages)
              Irish Language Stocklist
         Postage is $1.95 for the first book and $.65 for each additional book.
         They will pay postage on individual orders of $50 or more. Minnesota
         residents add 6.5% sales tax. Add $2.00 to total if you want UPS.
         They take VISA.
         They have lots of children's books, novels for teenagers, and
         self-teaching materials.  Descriptions in English.
         They also have many books in English about Ireland, Celtic history
         and art, biographies, etc.
Name:    Schoenhof's Foreign Books
Address: 76A Mount Auburn Street
         Cambridge, Massachusetts
Phone:   (617) 547 - 8855
Fax:     (617) 547 - 8551
Abbreviation:  SCH
              Irish Reference 11/22/91 (2 pgs.)
              Irish Literature 11/22/91 (2 pgs.)
Notes:   "We will order, at no extra charge, any in-print
          title not normally stocked.
          Customers, unless they have an institutional
          account, must make a deposit of 50% of the
          estimated cost of the order or provide us a credit card
          They take VISA/Mastercard/AmEx.
          Shipping: $3.50 for first 2 books, $0.25 per additional book.
          Schoenhof's specializes in foreign language books. Thus they
          have such books as "Celtes et la Civilisation Celtique" and
          "Altirische Grammatik" in the Irish Reference list.  They have
          lots of books on Old Irish, all the main dictionaries and
          self-instruction books/tapes.  The Irish Literature list has
          64 titles, including novels for teenagers, songs, poetry,
          children's books, and classic Irish novels.
         They have a list of lists available - the first 3 lists are
         free, after that they cost $1 (which is refunded on your
         next purchase).  I asked for the following lists (out of
         hundreds): Anglo-Saxon & Middle English, Cornish reference,
         France: Regional Languages (includes Breton), Gaelic reference,
         Icelandic Old Norse & Faroese, Irish Literature, Irish reference,
         Manx reference, Native American Languages, Welsh reference.
(Don't forget that prices are in Irish pounds.)
Name:    A/is
Address: 31 Sra/id na bhFi/ni/ni/
         Baile A/tha Cliath 2
Phone:   616522,616259
Fax:     616564
Abbreviation:  AIS
Catalog(s):   Stocliosta - Lu/nasa 1990
              (54 pages of title, author, publisher
              classification, and price. Really packed!)
              An Le/itheoir, Uimhreacha 20-26
              (8 pages, Irish and English).
Notes:  Full name: A/isi/nteacht Da/iliu/cha/n Leabhar (Book
        Distribution Centre). This an official government
        book distribution site.  See also An Siopa Leabhar.
        From a note enclosed in the Stock-list (August 1990):
        "The prices in this stock-list are out of date, but it'll
        give you some idea on what we have in stock as well as prices."
        From the Stocliosta:
        "Virtually every Irish language book in print is available from
        A/is except the prescribed textbooks for Irish as a subject."
        "An Le/itheoir" appears to be a quarterly publication of 8 pages
        put out by Bord na Gaeilge.  It has short descriptions of new Irish
        books (the descriptions are in both Irish and English), on 5 of the
        pages.  Two pages are devoted to a single article, with an English
        summary.  I don't know if I got on the mailing list for this or
        not, as I haven't received any issues after the ones they sent
        with the catalog (Summer 1992).
Name:       Cairde na nGael
Address:    3 Garra/n Ghleann Sceiche
            Ard Aidhin
            Baile A/tha Cliath 5
Phone:  (01) 313333
Abbreviation:   CNG
Catalog(s):     N/A
            They sent me a collection of catalogs from Irish language
            publisher. Any of the items in those catalogs are available
            from CNG.  See the listings for the individual publishers
            for more info on their catalogs.
            The catalogs included:
            Catalo/g Foclo/iri/ (An Gu/m)
            An Che/ad Da/ Che/ad  (Coisce/im)
            Catalo/g 3. 1993/94 (Clo/ Iar-Chonnachta Teo.)
            Foilseacha/in (ITE/)
            Sladmhargadh Leabhar  (Eolas Pobail)
            <untitled> (An Comhchoiste Re/amhscolai/ochta Teo.)
            Leabhair do Pha/isti/  (An Gu/m)
            and a copy of An Le/itheoir (A/IS)
Name:       Clo/ Iar-Chonnachta Teo.
Address:    Indreabha/n,
            Co. na Gaillimhe
Phone:  (091) 93307
Fax:    (091) 93362
Abbreviation:   CIC
Catalog(s):     Iu/il '92    (8 pages)
                Leabharliosta CIC 1991 (3 pages)
                Catalo/g 2. 1991 (32 pages)
                Catalo/g 3. 1993/94  (40 pages)
Notes: The 1991 catalog contains: Short stories, novels, poetry, history,
       children's books, grammars, fiction for teenagers, music cassettes,
       books on cassette, postcards, stickers, etc. Descriptions in Irish
       and English.
       The Iu/il '92 (July '29) contains newly release books and cassettes,
       descriptions in Irish and English.  Includes "The Quiet Man Quiz 1000,"
       a book of 1000 questions about the movie. Doesn't say if the book is
       in Irish or English though.
       The 1993/94 catalog (bigger and better than ever!) is similar to the
       1991 catalog descibed above.  A list of books coming out soon, some
       new entries in the "Irish Language Learning Aids" section, and
       some video tapes (at least 2 of them i nGaeilge) round out
       this very nice catalog.
       Postage to the US is a bit high, 30% of the cost of the books
       (postage within Ireland is free, to the U.K. 10%, to other EC
       coutries 20%, and to Aust./Japan 35%).  But they take VISA/
       Mastercard, which is a big plus in my book.
Name:     Coisce/im
Address:  127 Bo/thar na Tra/
          Baile A/tha Cliath 4
Phone: ?
Fax:   ?
Abbreviation:  CSC
Catalog(s):    Leabharchatalo/g  "An Che/ad Da/ Che/ad o/ Coisce/im"
               (13 pages)
Notes: Poetry, novels and short stories, children's books, quiz books,
       memoirs, reference works, and a list of works coming soon.
Name:    Greene's Bookshop Ltd.
Address: 16 Clare Street
         Dublin 2
Phone:   (01) 762554
Fax:     (01) 789091
Abbreviation:  GBL
Catalog(s):    Number 33  (21 pgs)
               Number 34  (22 pgs)
Notes:    They take VISA/MasterCard.  Payment on receipt of books.
          They mostly sell used books, so the catalog appears to be
                  what is in stock at the moment.
                  Each page of the catalog is packed
          with approx. 40 1-line titles and blurbs.  Most books
          in English but there are some Irish titles listed here
          and there.  Lots of old books as well - sounds like
          my kind of bookstore!
Name:    Institiu/id Teangeolai/ochta E/ireann
         (The Linguistics Institute of Ireland)
Address: 31 Pla/s Mhic Liam
         Baila A/tha Cliath 2
Phone:   (01) 765489
Fax:     (01) 610004
Abbreviation:  ITE
Catalog(s):    Foilseacha/in
Notes:   Lots of reports about languages in Ireland -
         the state of Irish in the country,
         the teaching of Irish in schools, etc.
         "Wie Geht's : Leagan Gaeilge" (Irish language
         version of the German textbook), and similar
         for French, Italian, Spanish.  Some books for
         learners of Irish.
         "Teangeolas" is the Journal of the Institute.  It
         is published twice yearly, and is free.  It is
Name:  Kenny's Bookshops & Art Galleries, Ltd.
Address: High Street
Phone: 011 - 353 - 91 - 610141 (Direct Dial from USA)
Fax:   011 - 353 - 91 - 68544
Abbreviation: KBG
Catalog(s):  Cassettes      (25 pages)
             Irish Language  (6 pages)
             Irish Local History, Catalogue 233 - December 1991
             (62 pages)
             New Books Published in Ireland, Jan. to Dec. 1991
             (39 pages)
Notes: All books fully on approval.  Give them your credit card number,
       area(s) of interest, and a price limit, and they will send you
       recently published books every other month that match your interest.
       They take all major credit cards.
       Other catalogs available: Church in Ireland; Irish Law - New Books;
       Irish Poetry; Irish Drama; etc.
       Their Irish Language listing contains 69 books, including the major
       dictionaries and grammars, as well as aids to composition and
       dialect study. Several books on Old Irish as well.
Name:    Leabhar Gaeilge
Address: Bosca 2559
         Baile A/tha Cliath 1
Phone:   None Given
Fax:     None Given
Abbreviation:  LRG
Catalog(s):    Leabhair Liosta 11
               Leabhair Liosta 12
               Leabhair Liosta 13
Notes:   Each of the lists is a couple of pages.  Some words from the
         author of the list (all in Irish), and three sections:
         Doughlas Hyde, U/dair Cu/ige Uladh, and Liosta Gineara/lta.
         Some of the books I thought sounded interesting:
         "Da/nta E/agsamhta" le Dubhglas de hI/de.  Poems of Irish,
         Scots Gaelic, French, German & Italian translated into
         English with parallel text of each language and English.
         "Ruba/iia/t Oma/r Calla/in O/ Na/isiu/nta", Torna do chur i
         nGaeilge o/ aistriu/ Bhe/arla Eadbhaird Mhic Gearailt 1920.
Name:    The O'Brien Press
Address: 20 Victoria Road
         Dublin 6
Phone:   (01) 923333
Fax:     (01) 922777
Abbreviation:  OBP
Catalog(s):    O'Brien Books (32 page pamhplet)
Notes:   Lots of cute and interested books, cook books,
         crossword puzzles, children's stories, etc. Almost all
         in English though 8-(.  The entries that get
         them into my list are:
         "The Cat's Pyjamas"
         McDonald's Young Writers Competition winners.
         Stories of a hungry vacuum cleaner, a very unusual
         first job, even an exploding grape.  And lots of
         poetry, plays and prose in Irish and English.
         Royalties to the Irish Children's Book Trust. IRL#4.50.
         "Faery Nights/Oi/cheanta Si/" A side by side Irish/English
         edition of 4 short stories that take place on ancient
         Irish festivals. Billed as for 7 to 10 yr olds, but it's
         one of my favorites.
         "The Deco/ Series" 3 books, each 48 pages, short
         stories for young adults.
         They take VISA/Mastercard, 15% for postage, 25% for airmail.
Name:     An Siopa Leabhar
Address:  6 Sra/id Fhearchair
          Baile A/tha Cliath 2
Phone:    783814
          (01) 757401
Abbreviation: ASL
Catalog(s):   Catalo/g de Leabhair Scoile 1989/90
              (56 pages of books from An Gu/m. In Irish.)
              Catalo/g d'Fhoghlaimeoiri/ 1991
              (4 pages. Descriptions in English)
Notes:   It is mentioned in the Catalo/g de Leabhair Scoile that
         teachers, tutors, and students can order items in the
         catalog from ASL, booksellers and schools from A/is
         (see A/is above).
         Checks/Bank drafts payable (in Irish currency) to
         Clo/dhanna Teoranta.
         The "Catalo/g d'Fhoghlaimeoiri/" (Catalog for learners) has
         lots of technical books - terminology, dialect studies, and
         grammar books that I haven't seen in the USA bookstores. This
         is in addition to the complete courses, dictionaries, novels,
         The "Catalo/g de Leabhair Scoile" (Catalog of school books)
         contains text books for children in primary and high school.
         The books are in Irish, and cover subjects such as: music,
         theatre, science, math, history, languages (Irish, German,
         French, Latin), geography, carpentry, economics, and more.

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