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Subject: Re: P.s. to: More TeX questions
From: Alan Ng <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To:Irish Traditional Music List <[log in to unmask]>
Date:Tue, 31 May 1994 13:12:46 CST

text/plain (70 lines)

In Message Tue, 31 May 1994 17:19:00 WET,
  Seamus Mac Conaonaigh <[log in to unmask]> writes:
>1) DVI files are TeX DeVice-Independent files. They are not intended for
>   use with any particular device (printer, screen, etc.). You need a
>   utility to convert them to another format, such as PostScript,
>   HPGL etc. Such utilities are often called dvi2ps, dvi2hp, dvi2eps,
>   etc.
Now, we all have our own unique hardware setups, and some are more equal
than others, but making such general sweeping statements is a bit much, as
Tim's recent post said.  I have to take issue with this post's reasons for
dismissing the possibilities of .dvi files for non-TeX users.
The above "1)" is true except that you don't need to convert them to any
other format when using dvi2win, because any picture which makes it into
Windows can be cut and pasted among all your Windows apps.  That's the whole
point of Windows. (although I and many others dislike Windows for unrelated
>2) To convert DVI files to another format, the converting program needs
>   to have all the TeX font information available to it. This is because
>   DVI files work by holding information about what fonts are being used
>   and where on the page they're being used. Effectively, this means that
>   you have to have TeX installed on your system anyway. If the DVI file
>   you're converting was generated by MuTeX or MusicTeX, you'll have to
>   have those packages (or at least the fonts that come with them)
>   installed on your system.
You DO NOT need to have any TeX packages of any kind installed.  See Tim's
post and my post--all you need are the .pk files.
>3) DVI Driver for Windows version 2.81 (or DVIWin) is no exception to
>   this rule. It needs to have the TeX fonts available to it to
>   be able to read a DVI file. DVIWin also causes (I've discovered)
>   some problems with printing. What it does is this: it converts
>   each page of your document to a Windows bitmap, which it then
>   prints. This has two side-effects. Firstly, the printing is
>   _very_ slow (up to 5 minutes per page on a fast PostScript
>   printer; possibly much longer on other printers). Secondly, if
>   you are printing a document with more than 8 or 9 pages, you will
>   run into memory problems because the bitmaps are so large. Of
>   course, if you have a fast 486 with, say, 64 MB of RAM, you may
>   not have this particular problem ... it will still take ages to
>   print though. These problems may not be quite as pronounced on
>   smaller-resolution printers such as dot-matrix ones.
I admit I haven't tried DVI2WIN on any other machines, but on my 486/33
loading even the 60-page musicdoc.dvi takes exactly 18 seconds.  Printing
is about the same as my regular Word for Windows print jobs (seminar papers,
quizzes for my students, etc.)  Maybe 10 seconds per page of computing time.
Oh, and I only have 8 MB of RAM, a small 128K cache, and a sloooow, 80M hard
drive.  My printer isn't anything special, either: a 360 dpi bubble jet
(Canon BJ-200).  No video accelerator or VESA, either.
I propose for the purposes of future tech-talk on IRTRAD that the above
description be considered slightly above-average.  (Heck, they hardly sell
anything less than that these days!)  We shouldn't presume that
most people have access to Sun workstations, mainframes with UNIX,
compilers, etc.  It has seemed kind of elitist in the past.
And I wonder how many of you are stuck on places like America-on-line,
which, last I heard, doesn't even have FTP access!?
>   Archie didn't report it as available from any FTP sites in the US.
See my previous post for US sites.
                              Alan Ng                Fax:(608)255-0650
Internet:[log in to unmask]                 Bitnet:alanng@wiscmac2

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