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Subject: Re: Romans - Bias against Celts lasts today.
From: "Sherry L. Terry" <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To:CELTIC-L - The Celtic Culture List.
Date:Wed, 16 Feb 1994 11:10:48 -0600

text/plain (45 lines)

>The image of the the druids nowadays is probably still colored by the same bias
>originated by Julius Caesar in his reports to Rome during his campaigns in Gaul
>and Britain.
That image we have of the Druids today was set in motion in the 19th
century with England's desire to support its push for empiricism worldwide,
Ireland just one country a recipient of this fervor.  This Celtic Revival
was seen in literature, art, music and arts and crafts with a purpose of
recreating a heritage taken from other cultures.
>This biased account against the Celts continued to be reinforced wherever Roman
>influence was established, including Britain, and even if subliminal, continued
>through the policies of the Normans, and the church in Rome.  Was their
>attitude really a reflection of deeply implanted values from the Roman Empire
Yes, as the Norman church was a direct descendent of Rome's church; the
Roman liturgy was being forced on peoples in the Norman's jurisdiction.  As
the Irish church had its own, very old liturgy, part pagan, part Christian,
the Norman clerics saw early on that to conquer a people, one infiltrates
their belief system.  The Norman church had particular sights on cleaning
up marital discrepancies within the Irish church and its people.
>Was the granting of Ireland to the King of England in the 11th Century by  Pope
>Gregory another Roman attempt to bring the unruly Irish Celts in line???
You might say that.  The Normans used the argument of Bede claiming
jurisdiction for the Anglo-Saxon kings as their ammunition.
>The Romans were successful at many times in history by inciting Celts to fight
>OTHER Celts and mop up what's left.  It seems the Celts didn't need much
>encouragement to have a good "scrap" with other Celts.
These people were by nature warlike; they had to be to survive in
territories threatened constantly by warring kings.  The Goths later don't
help matters either.  It gets back to understanding that the Celts as we
know of them were a people with their particular way to survive; with trade
discrepancies, territorial warfare these peoples were not unlike any others
of the continent.
Thanks, John for posting this question to the list.  Hope this helps...
Sherry L. Terry                "I made this letter longer than usual because
Baylor College of Medicine.            I lack the time to make it shorter."
[ [log in to unmask] ]                        Pascal, Provincial Letters XVI

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