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Subject: Re: Romans - Bias against Celts lasts today.
From: Michael Newton <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To:CELTIC-L - The Celtic Culture List.
Date:Wed, 16 Feb 1994 14:13:29 GMT

text/plain (52 lines)

| Fellow Celts,
  Feumadh sinn a' bruidhinn ca\nan Cheilteach a' bhith "Celts".
| My readings on Celtic history so far have suggested a theory worthy of DEBATE:
| that the Celts are so few in number now because of a systematic genocide over
| the past 2000 years started off by the Romans.
  Good starting observation.  However, I think you need to consider
deeply issues of culture and politics to carry this all through.
  For good discussion of these issues applied on this topic, see:
  "Celt and Saxon: The Struggle for Britain", by Peter B. Ellis.
  "The Cultural Conquest of Ireland", by Kevin Collins.
| This biased account against Celts continued to be reinforced wherever Roman
| influence was established, including Britain, and even if subliminal,
| through the policies of the Normans, and the church in Rome.  Was their
| attitude really a reflection of deeply implanted values from the Roman Empire
| days.?
| Was the granting of Ireland to the King of England in the 11th Century by Pope
| Gregory another Roman attempt to bring the unruly Irish Celts in line???
  The bias is simply of one culture against another.  It would be too
specific to say simply that it was "Roman" culture vs. "Celtic" culture.
However, we can detect that later antagonists of the Celts, ie, the
Anglo-Normans, consider themselves inheritors of the "superior" civilisation
of the Romans, and therefore their right to follow in their imperialistic
| The Romans were successful at many times in history by inciting Celts to fight
| OTHER Celts and mop up what's left.  It seems the Celts didn't need much
| encouragement to have a good "scrap" with other Celts.
  Again, you're playing with oversimplified surface level details made
mostly of prejudice.  That is to say, this is not a particularly Celtic
trait or problem.
  But this phenomena of divide-and-conquer via tribal
rivalry happens a lot, since these are the sort of the tactics which empires
use.  It happened in America, Africa, Asia, etc etc
| Is Northern Ireland
| just another example of this in modern times where descendants of Scottish
| Celts are fighting the descendants of Irish Celts over lands and property
| redistributed by the Roman successors in London, England in the late 17th
| century??   I hate to think that Celts are fighting Celts to do Caesar's dirty
| work!!!
  Sad, isn't it?  However, by keeping these divisions and by keeping
the victims ignorant of their common interests and lineage, the Empire
can reap the rewards and remain unchallenged by the coalition of their

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