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Subject: OTIS (Art as Stimulus) (fwd)
From: "-s93000001-m.erskinerichmond-ccsd-200-" <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To:CELTIC-L - The Celtic Culture List.
Date:Mon, 14 Feb 1994 11:04:11 EST

text/plain (376 lines)

I hope there will be suitable works which can be forwarded from OTIS
to the subscribers of this group - Does anyone have time to monitor
and forward materials?
Best wishes,
Forwarded message:
> From [log in to unmask] Mon Jan 17 10:29:20 1994
> Date:         Sun, 16 Jan 1994 01:36:26 -0600
> Sender: Future Culture <[log in to unmask]>
> From: Ed <[log in to unmask]>
> Subject:      OTIS (generic info)
> Hi, most of you probably know all of what's in this's just
> a reminder that OTIS is still here...
>                 ..................................:.
>                 .:   OTIS net image gallery       :.
>                 .:           Operative Term       :.
>                 .:             Is STIMULATE       :.
>                 .:           general information  :.
>                 .:................................:.
>                  : this file last updated 1-13-94
> OTIS, at it's most basic interpretation and intention, is a place for
> image-makers and image-lovers to exchange ideas, collaborate and, in a
> loose sense of the word, meet.  OTIS is collection of images and
> information accessible mainly via INTERNET that is open for public
> download and upload.  The quickest analogy to draw is that OTIS is an
> "art gallery".  People do meet "on OTIS".  Ideas are exchanged.
> Conversations are had via electronic-mail.  Influencial works do "hang"
> on OTIS.  People have been inspired.  But this "art gallery" is open
> 24hrs and serves an ever increasing "community".  The Net.  This art
> gallery is hardly exclusive, it's fairly easy to get your works
> displayed on OTIS.
> Art from OTIS has been featured in several publications, including
> WIRED, Lunatic Fringe and The Mac-Internet Tour Guide.  Exhibits of OTIS
> work have been held in cities around the globe, sometimes on small
> screens and other times (like at FISEA and CyberCulture Houston) on a
> bit larger scale.  More and bigger exhibits are planned for the future.
> OTIS began in January of 1993 as a tiny FTP site by the good-graces of
> Jon Van Oast's UNDERWORLD INDUSTRIES (ftp: and blossomed
> into a major receptacle of image and art via UNC's SunSite.  OTIS has
> also sponsored a number of critically grumbled-over "collaboration
> projects" under the flag of SYNERGY and has set up an emailing list for
> the discussion of net-art, net-artists and the future of art itself.
> Spectators are welcome.  Feel free to browse the gallery and
> let the artists know what you think of their efforts.  Keep your own
> copies of the images to look at when you've got the gumption, use them
> as wallpaper on your desktop, show your friends.
> Someone probably once said..."art is for sharing".
> ---------------------------------------------------------------
> OTIS currently (as of 1/13/94) has two major FTP sites.
> (/pub/multimedia/pictures/OTIS), the SUNsite
> (/pub/OTIS)
> Merely "anonymous FTP" to either of these sites and change to the
> appropriate directory.  Don't forget to use the "bin" command to insure
> you're in binary transfer mode.  Sunsite is the most up-to-date and
> thorough site.
> If you have access to GOPHER, you can graze OTIS that way, as I mentioned.
> A few of the major OTIS GOPHERs are:
> (Worlds of Sunsite, Browse All Sunsite Archives,
>                          Multimedia, Pictures, OTIS)
> (Art, OTIS (link to
> OTIS has also been spreading to some dial-up BBS systems around North
> America....the following systems have a substancial supply of
> OTIStuff...
>         Pair O Dice (Austin)    512.451.4610 (300 - 2400)
>                                 512.451.7117 (2400 - 14.4k)
>         CyberDen (SanFran?) (415.472.5527)  Usenet Waffle-iron
>         Underground Cafe (Omaha)        (402) 339-0179
> For those wanting to receive OTIS files via mail, send a SASE for current
> directory to: OTIS\ PO BX 241113\ Omaha,NE 68124-1113\ USA.
> --------------------------------------------------------------
> Any type of original visual art.  Photos, drawings, raytracings,
> video stills, paintings, computer-assisted renderings, photos of
> your sculpture/3d pieces, photocopier art, zine covers, record/cd
> covers, quilts, tattoos, pyrotechnic displays and any other type
> of image-based expression.  OTIS' focus is still-image, but does
> have space set aside for animations and self executing slide-shows.
> We're also looking for teachers, students, graphic designers, gallery
> owners, zine-publishers and other people dealing with visual artists
> to help and recruit people to contribute to OTIS.  We realise
> that most people don't know much about scanning pictures, much less
> getting them on "the net".  The local contact would be not only
> beneficial to the growth of the project, but a learning experience
> for all involved.
> It can't be stressed enough that OTIS is open to all types of creative
> image-based expression.  Too often, people send in mail asking if
> such-and-such is appropriate for display on OTIS.  If you created it and
> it can be depicted in a still picture or animation, it's appropriate for
> ---------------------------------------------------------------
> In each directory of OTIS, there is a text file containing a list of
> images, a description for each image and artist credit.  These files
> are called INDEX and should be easy to spot.
> Also, there is a specific directory for text information on contributing
> artists.  These files contain contact information, OTIS-credits, and
> any other information the artist wishes to pass along.  Things like
> detailed descriptions of images, biographies, permission statements,
> requests for criticism and pleas for guidance are not at all uncommon.
> You'll find all of this information in the Artists directory at the FTP
> sites.  The files are listed alphabetically by the artists' last name.
> A recent (1/94) restructuring of OTIS has provided copies of each
> artist's information file within their individual directories.  So, if
> you were looking through the PEN-INK drawings of Dan Richters
> (pen-ink/richters), you would find a file called INFO which contains a
> copy of the information provided in Dan's Artist/richters file.  The
> INFO files are provided to give browsers (that's you) easy access to
> information about the artist's work they are viewing.
> ---------------------------------------------------------------
> First...create a terrific piece of "art".  You then have a few options.
> 1) FTP
>         If you have the file in computer-format (traditional photos
>         and illustrations will have to be scanned in, more on that
>         later) and FTP access, you can use FTP to submit your image.
>         You can FTP the image to either FTP site by logging in as
>         anonymous, using your email address as your password.  Then
>         change to the OTIS directory, then the "Incoming" directory.
>         Once there, be sure you're in "binary" mode by typing BIN.
>         Use the PUT command to "put" your files into the Incoming
>         directory (ie. "put filename.gif").  Check with your local
>         system administrator if you need further assistance.
>         Once you have your image(s) "put" in the Incoming directory,
>         send us email with information pertaining to the file(s).
>         This information should include your name, the "permission"
>         status of the pieces submitted (if people can reuse them or
>         not) and the names of the images submitted.  Optional infor-
>         mation, like professional credits, occupation and favorite
>         beverage, can be included as well.  Check out the ARTISTS
>         directory for examples of artist-info files.
>         Instead of emailing, you may want to include a text file
>         containing the mentioned information with your uploads.
>         This is usually done by including a file with the same
>         name as your image, but with a ".txt" extension instead of
>         ".gif" or ".jpg".
>         Please keep still images in either GIF or JPG format.
>         (We can convert if you're unable to.)
>         Supported animation filetypes are FLI, FLC, QuickTime, MPEG,
>         Amiga ANIM, DL and GL.  Feel free to submit any type and
>         let me know what you think the standards should be.
> 2) EMAIL
>         You can email images to OTIS by using an ASCII encoding
>         program called UUENCODE.  Most systems have it available.
>         Merely UUENCODE your submissions and email them to us.
>         If you have submissions, but no way to transfer them
>         electronically to us, you can send us 3.5" disks with
>         your submissions on them.  MAC or DOS formats are fine.
>         If you'd like your disks returned, merely include
>         return postage or international postage certificates for
>         the proper amount.
>         Also, if you do not have a way to put your images into
>         digital format, you can send copies of your photos, drawings,
>         or paintings and we will scan them for you.  Again, include
>         return postage if you wish the copies to be returned.  We
>         strongly discourage the sending of original pieces through
>         mail.  Clear color photographs of paintings and sculptures
>         are welcome.
>         Please include the standard "artist" information (mentioned
>         above) as well as the following:  1-3 line description of
>         each submission, your suggested filename for each image and
>         any specifications for cropping and other image manipulation.
>         Feel free to include a blank disk and return postage, we'll
>         put your images on disk for you and send them back.
>         The address for all postal correspondance is:
>         OTIS Project
>         PO BX 241113
>         Omaha, NE 68124-1113
>         USA
>         (ph: Ed Stastny (402)344-3168)
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> Freely distribute any and all OTIS files if you follow a few simple
> rules:
>         - Keep the file in it's original state (filename and format).
>           Do not alter the image unless permission is explicitly given
>           to the contrary (some submittors allow proportional resizing).
>         - Include the Artist's information file with the image.
>           (I know this can be a hassle, but it's important that the
>            permission the artist grants for use of their material
>            accompany the image.)
> OTIS invites the mirroring of it's archives to other FTP sites and
> the extension of OTIS to more BBS systems across the globe.  We're
> specifically looking for outlets on CompuServe, The WELL, Prodigy,
> Minitel, ECHO and other online systems.  If you can help, please email
> us.  If nothing else, feel free to post this file to the discussion
> areas of any of those systems.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> USE?
> If you want to use any of the images you find on OTIS, in things like
> publications or software, you'll have to check to see if permission has
> been granted and the stipulations of the permission (such as free copy
> of publication, or full address credit).  You will either find this
> information in the OTIS/Artists/(name) file for the artist or in the
> INFO file of that directory (which is a copy of the Artists file).
> If permission isn't explicitly given, then you'll have
> to contact the artist to ask for it.  If no info is available, email
> us ([log in to unmask]), and I'll get in contact with the artist for
> you, or give you their contact information.
> When you DO use permitted work, it's always courteous to let the artist
> know about it, perhaps even send them a free copy or some such
> compensation for their files.
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> For the first nine-months of OTIS, filenames were required to be in DOS
> (8.3) format.  That is, eight characters, a period, then a three character
> extension such as GIF or JPG.  That has changed.
> You are now able to make filenames as long as your platform will allow.
> Please, though, place only a three digit extension on the file and DO NOT
> use the period/decimal point except to separate the extension (GIF or JPG)
> from the filename.
> It is suggested, but not required, that you use your initials as the first
> two or three letters of your filename.  This helps organize images and
> differentiate filenames.
> Acceptable filenames would be:
>         ld-mechanical-drawings.gif      The-Bubble.jpg
>         Mona-Lisa.gif                   VV-self_portrait.jpg
> UNacceptable filenames would be:
>         My.First.Diapers.gif    (period/decimals confuse truncation of names)
>                                 (corrected: My_First_Diapers.gif)
>         This-is-my-bro.JPEG     (file extension should be 3 characters)
>                                 (corrected: This-is-my-bro.jpg)
> Though it is not required, keeping the names under 8 characters assures
> that the filename will remain intact on all systems.
> Again...remember to keep the "extension" (the digits after the period)
> to three characters or less.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> When creating image files, be sure to at least include your name
> somewhere on or below the picture.  This gives people a reference in
> case they'd like to contact you.  You may also want to include a title,
> address or other information you'd like people to know.
> You can usually add this sort of infomation with even the simplest of
> "paint" software.  If you are unable to put this information on, but
> would like it put on...let me know.
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> To facilitate interactivity and discussion among OTIS contributors and
> their loyal followers, an email listserver has been erected.  For those
> of you unfamiliar with listservers...they're like automatic mass-mailing
> lists.  You send a message to the server, it gets bounced to all of
> it's subscribers.  Other people read it and reply to the list...public
> discussion ensues right in your email-box.  For those of you who pay for
> email by volume...this might not be the best perk.
> To subscribe to the emailing-list, send an email to:
>                 [log in to unmask]
> To send a message to the list:
>                 [log in to unmask]
> I encourage you to post your opinions, good or bad, about anything you
> see on OTIS.  It'll help us grow and give us something to talk about.
> There is an OTIS newsgroup being planned.  It will probably end up being
> alt.arts.otis.  Watch for it.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> DISCLAIMER:  The OTIS Project has no connection to the Church of OTIS
>              (a sumerian deity) or it's followers, be they pope, priest,
>              or e-zine administrator.  We do take sacrifices and donations
>              however.
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> DISCLAIMER:  The OTIS Project is here for the distribution of original
>              image files.  The files will go to the public at large.
>              It's possible, as with any form of mass-media, that someone
>              could unscrupulously use your images for financial gain.
>              Unless you've given permission for that, it's illegal.  OTIS
>              takes no responsibility for this.  In simple terms, all rights
>              revert to the author/artist.  To leave an image on OTIS is to
>              give permission for it to be viewed, copied and distributed
>              electronically.  If you don't want your images distributed
>              all-over, don't upload them.  To leave an image on OTIS is
>              NOT giving permission to have it used in any publication or
>              broadcast that incurs profit (this includes, but is not
>              limited to, magazines, newsletters, clip-art software,
>              screen-printed clothing, etc).  You must give specific
>              permission for this sort of usage.
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Thanks....
>         OTIS PROJECT
>         Ed Stastny
>         PO BX 241113
>         Omaha, NE 68124-1113
>         USA
> INTERNET:       [log in to unmask]
>                 [log in to unmask]
> MAJORNET:       shadowe@tmi

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