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Subject: Diatoms of Russia [AntiVir checked]
From: Sven Koeltz <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To:Sven Koeltz <[log in to unmask]>
Date:Mon, 9 May 2011 16:17:37 +0200

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Some copies of the following diatoms books are available. Please contact us if you need any of these volumes. Thank you.
Sven Koeltz

GLESER, S. I.,A. P. JOUSE, I. V.MAKAROVA, A .I. PROSCHKINA-LAVRENKO AND V.S.SHESHUKOVA-PORETZKAJA    (EDS.): The Diatoms of the USSR, Fossil and Recent.Volume 1.Leningrad 1974.(Reprint 1979). 93 plates. (9 plates are line - drawings, remainder photographic).403 pages.gr8vo.Bound.- In Russian, with Latin nomenclature and some new addenda and corrigenda. (Koeltz Book - ID: 000534)                                                                                                                                         EUR       41.00

This is volume 1 of a multi-volume treatise on fossil and recent diatoms of the
USSR.It is the first modern comprehensive treatise of the this type for the territory
of the USSR.-Contents:Preface/Part 1: General Information about Diatom Algae
(1.Morphology and Cell Fine Structure/ 2.Physiology/3.Reproduction/
4.Biology/5.Principles of Diatom Systematics/ 6.Research Methods/7.Role of Diatoms in
Oceans and Continental Waters)/ Part 2:Survey of the Diatom Flora from the Mesozoic to
the present(8.Diatom Algae in the Mesozoic/ 9.Diatom Algae in the Paleogene/ 10.Marine
Diatom Algae in the Neogene/11.Freshwater Diatom Algae in the Neogene/12.Diatom Algae
in the Pleistocene and Holocene/ 13.Diatom Algae in the Freshwater Seas and
Lakes)/Literature(48 pages/ plates 1-93.)

MAKAROVA, I. V.: The diatoms of Russia and adjacent countries. Volume 02: Part 3. 2002. 87 photographic plates, plus 111 p. of text. gr8vo. Hardcover. - In Russian, with Latin nomenclature and Latin species index. (KOELTZ BOOK - ID: 084429)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        EUR 46.00

Descriptions and keys for 86 species, 21 genera, and 7 families of orders Melosirales
and Coscinodiscales. The diagnoses include morphological description, ecological
information, biogeography, and geological times of existence. Illustrations by LM &
SEM. - Covers Spinosiraceae, Stellarimaceae, Hyalodiscaceae, Coscinodiscaceae,
Ethmodiscaceae, Trigoniumaceae and Azpeitiaceae.

STRELNIKOVA, N. I. (ED.): The Diatoms of Russia and Adjacent Countries, Fossil and Recent.  Volume 02: Part 4: Chaetocerotales (Chaetocerotaceae, Acanthocerataceae, Attheyaceae). 2006. 101 photogr. plates. 177 p. gr8vo. Hardcover. - In Russian, with Latin nomenclature and Latin
species index. (Koeltz Book - ID: 092271)                                                                                                                                              EUR 44.00

Contains detailed descriptions and identification keys for 11 species, 4 genera, 3
families of Chaetocerotales, including morphological characteristics, synonymy,
ecological and geographical information, bibliography, etc. The plates are LM, SEM and
TEM micrographs, describing specific variability and fine structure of frustule.

STRELNIKOVA, N. I. (ED.): The Diatoms of Russia and Adjacent Countries, Fossil and Recent.  Volume 02: Part 5. 2008. 155 p. of plates. 171 p. of text. gr8vo. Hardcover.- In Russian, with Latin nomenclature and Latin species index. (Koeltz Book - ID: 095179)                                                                                                                                                                                                                              EUR 67.00

Covers Coscinodiscales (Coscinodiscaceae, Hemidiscaceae, Lobodiscaceae), Asterolamprales (Asterolamppraceae, Neobruniaceae), Heliopeltales (Heliopeltaceae), Aulacodiscales (Aulacodiscaceae), Stephanodiscales (Stephanidiscaceae, Thalassiobeckiaceae, Ectodictyonaceae), and Aulacoseirales (Aulacoseiraceae).


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