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Subject: Balogh International -New Winter Books #1
From: Scott Balogh <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To:Scott Balogh <[log in to unmask]>
Date:Wed, 15 Nov 2006 15:00:24 -0600

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Balogh International -New Winter Books #1

River and Stream Ecosystems of the World: With a New Introduction. C. E.
Cushing. 2006. ISBN: 978-0-520-24567-9. 833 pp., 68 b/w photographs, 215
line illustrations, 5 maps, 120 tables. Paperback. $75.00
Rivers and streams around the world that once flowed wild and unchecked are
rapidly disappearing into dams or being channelized between concrete banks.
This valuable sourcebook, now available to a wide audience in a paperback
edition, is an important comparative documentation of what is being lost:
naturally flowing river and stream ecosystems. No other single volume brings
together so much critical information on rivers and streams worldwide. Each
chapter is packed with a wealth of raw data on waterways including the
prominent rivers of North America, Central and South America, Europe,
Africa, Australia, and Oceania. The volume evaluates the usefulness of the
River Continuum Concept and ecosystem-level measurements for evaluating the
structure and function of rivers and streams. The new introductory chapter
examines the relevance of other useful concepts including Nutrient
Spiraling, Patch Dynamics, the Flood Pulse Concept, the Network Dynamics
Hypothesis, and the Hyporheic Corridor Concept.

The Prokaryotes: A Handbook on the Biology of Bacteria: Vol. 4: Bacteria:
Firmicutes, Cyanobacteria. 3rd Edition. Martin Dworkin. Due
November/December 2006. ISBN: 0-387-25494-3. 1000 pp. Hardcover. List
$700.00, Specal Prepublication Price (Until January 31, 2007) $560.00
The first edition of The Prokaryotes, published in 1981, took a bold step to
become the most comprehensive and authoritative encyclopedic handbook on
prokaryotes. Another important step was taken with the second edition in
1992, when the chapters were organized on the basis of the molecular
phylogeny as a rational, evolutionary basis for the taxonomy of the
prokaryotes. By then, the two volumes of the first edition had expanded to
four. With the decision to publish the handbook electronically, the third
edition was the boldest step of all. The advantages were obvious and
persuasive: essentially unlimited space, no restrictions on the use of
color, and the inclusion of film and animated illustrations. Nevertheless,
the affection for a printed handbook was highly underestimated and during
the first 5 years of the continuously evolving online version, a growing
demand for a new print edition was voiced by the scientific and corporate
community. Thus, Springer is now publishing a third edition in printed form.
In total, 7 volumes will make up this new fully revised and updated version.
Compared to the second edition, this edition will contain 85% new contents,
printed in color throughout.

Antarctic Marine Protists. Fiona J Scott. 2005. ISBN: 0642568359. 572 pp.
Hardcover. $110.00
This is a comprehensive guide to the protists that live in the surface
waters and sea-ice south of the Antarctic Polar Front. More than 550 species
are described and superbly illustrated with over 1300 light and electron
micrographs and drawings. A bibliography of more than 1100 entries and a
thorough glossary will make Antarctic Marine Protists an indispensible
resource for marine biologists. 
Introduction, Systematic Arrangement of Taxa, Diatoms, Dinoflagellates,
Silicoflagellates, Haptophytes: Order Prymnesiales
Haptophytes: Order Coccolithophorales, Chrysophytes, Prasinophytes,
Chlorophytes, Cryptophytes, Euglenoids, Cyanophytes
Choanoflagellates, Ciliates, Protista Incertae Sedis, Glossary,
Bibliography, Index 
Fungi: Multifaceted Microbes. B.N. Ganguli. Due December 2006. ISBN:
1420043285. 321 pp. Hardcover. $139.95
Offering a uniquely extensive scope of coverage, Fungi: Multifaceted
Microbes delves into a wide range of topics in fungal biochemistry and
biotechnology, including classical and molecular taxonomy and evolutionary
aspects. Internationally recognized experts address fungi applications in
environmental control, metabolites from marine fungi, endophytic and
endolythic fungi, aquatic mycology, and lichens. They also provide a chapter
on the new area of fungi in nanoparticle synthesis. This book offers a
highly authoritative survey that will prove useful to academic
professionals, as well as aspiring and established industrial researchers
across many fields. 

Biology of the Southern Ocean, Second Edition. George A. Knox. Due December
2006. ISBN: 0849333946. 640 pp. Hardcover. $179.95
First published in 1993, The Biology of the Southern Ocean has been referred
to as international research at its best and an invaluable reference.
Drawing on the considerable volume of information published in the last ten
years, this second edition retains the format that made the first edition a
popular bestseller, while updating the information with the latest research
results available. 
The book begins with a description of the physico-chemical environment and,
in a logical sequence, covers phytoplankton and primary production, the sea
ice microbial communities and the secondary consumers, the zooplankton. The
author includes an extended chapter on the biology and ecology of Antarctic
krill that highlights its central position in the Southern Ocean food web. A
series of chapters consider the higher consumers, nekton (with an emphasis
on cephalopods) fish, seals, whales, and seabirds. The following chapters
explore selected ecosystem components; the benthic communities, life beneath
the fast ice and ice shelves, recent advances in understanding decomposition
processes, and the role of bacteria and protozoa. 
The author synthesizes ecosystem dynamics, with an emphasis on the pelagic
ecosystem. He covers resource exploitation, the impact of such exploitation
on the marine ecosystem, and the problems involved in the management of the
living resources. His epilogue summarizes the extent to which our
understanding of the functioning of the Antarctic marine ecosystem has
changed in the last 50 years; for example, there has been a dramatic change
in our view of krill and its role in the Southern Ocean marine ecosystem.
The book concludes with the statement that research carried out under the
AGCS Programme and the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR)
will continue to provide critical information on the functioning of
Antarctic marine ecosystems. 

Wave-Swept Shore: The Rigors of Life on a Rocky Coast. Text by Mimi Koehl.
Photographs by Anne Wertheim Rosenfeld. 2006. ISBN: 978-0-520-23812-1. 189
pp., 87 color illustrations, 8 line illustrations. Hardcover. $39.95
In pictures and words, Wave-Swept Shore explains complex phenomena, such as
wave action, using simple, intuitive analogies. It explores how the forms of
animals and plants affect their survival in this harsh environment,
considers their distribution on the shore, and looks at their seasonal
variations, focusing on what can be easily observed by visitors to the
coast. Revealing the rich variety of habitats woven into what may at first
look like a fairly uniform environment, the book, an effective and beautiful
tool for learning about the edge of oceans everywhere, opens our eyes to the
wonders of rocky shores and introduces a whole new way of looking at the
natural world.

If you would like to place an order, please send me an email with your
complete (street) address and method of payment (details). We accept Visa or

Scott Balogh
Balogh International Inc
1911 N. Duncan Rd, Champaign, Illinois 61822 USA
ph: +1 217 355 9331; fax: +1 217 355 9413
Please note: we do not sell books on approval, thus there are no returns. If
you need more information, just ask.

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