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Subject: Re: Tim Britton Writes to List Pt. II
From: Dionys Murphy <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To:Dionys Murphy <[log in to unmask]>
Date:Wed, 26 Mar 2003 22:27:02 -0800

text/plain (101 lines)


Tim may like tougher reeds than most, but that's
pretty unimportant when it comes to his reeds or
reed-making style.  His method can create reeds in any
person's particular need in terms of ease of playing.
I made a Britton style reed blind(i.e. without
seeing/measuring his chanter or fiddling about) for a
friend of mine and he recently told me that not only
does he love it, but that it is much better than the
original reed in his chanter (made by the maker) at
least partly because of how easily and delicately it
plays.  As for Tim preferring a certain pressure, as a
performer it's his perrogative to choose the stiffness
of his reed.  Considering how well he performs, I
wouldn't fault him for his choice.

As to the rumours regarding Tim tooling around
'classic' chanters, perhaps those would be better
addressed person-to-person off list so as to not
perpetuate the rumours.  One could point out that
Paddy Keenan admits freely to mucking about with his
Rowsome chanter which apparently is comming up for
sale (I will believe it when I see the actual offer
for bids).  He also admits that he did this before he
had a really good idea of what he was doing.  All in
all, I'm a fan of the timbre of Paddy's chanter.  As
for adding a tuning slide to an old chanter, this is
hardly an irreversible 'modification.'

Obviously you don't care what Tim says, or you'd give
him a chance to explain himself or address your
concerns before warning everyone in the mailing list
to not send him any 'antiques.'  Personally, I'm not
sure I'd want to listen to someone who wasn't willing
to listen to others.  You're welcome to your opinion,
of course.  Thankfully everyone is able to make up
their own minds in these matters.


> ATTACHMENT part 13 message/rfc822
> Date:    Wed, 26 Mar 2003 16:20:46 -0800
> From:    "Kevin L. Rietmann" <[log in to unmask]>
> Subject: Re: Tim Britton Writes to List Pt. II
>     I've always heard of Britton liking tougher
> reeds than most, for tone
> and response and the like.  Highlanderitis.  Can you
> play a high B with one
> hand, Tim?  Not that high Bs are everything, just
> that if my reed isin't a
> "blow-through-your-nose" I turn it into one, or
> failing that it goes to
> regulator land.  A bit of a squeaky staccato F#
> doesn't phase me; you can
> hear lots of those from Willy Clancy, for one.
>     In the interview recently published in the IPC
> Review you also mentioned
> making the B and G holes larger, to be play with one
> finger off and the rest
> closed; does this work when you play with just the
> left hand?  You gotta be
> able to play one-handed, after all, to get in those
> glorious regulator bits.
> Craig Fischer describes, on the Sean Reid Society
> CDs, an old 'D' Coyne
> chanter he has that seems to be designed to be
> played one-fingered on these
> notes, too-an old idea.  You still out there, Mr.
> Fisch?
>     I'd also like to hear what Tim has to say about
> all the horrible rumours
> I've heard about him mucking up old chanters-Rowsome
> (gasp!), Taylor
> (GASP!), even Coyne (GASP GASP GASP!).  What
> "mucking up" here entails I'd
> like to know-tuning slide, move some toneholes,
> stick in the old reamer,
> what?  Did you try a rolled staple?  Taylors just
> don't work without an
> inverted staple-the reed seats are tiny.
>     These are all just rumours, mind you.  Dark,
> evil, horrible rumours,
> from 4 different sources...I don't care what Tim
> says-don't send him any
> antiques without making him sign on the dotted line
> first.

                   Tír gan Teanga Tír gan Anam
A nation without a language is a nation without a soul.

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