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Subject: Re: Need for a Manx Gaelic general discussion forum
From: X X <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To:Manx Gaelic Language Forum <[log in to unmask]>
Date:Mon, 7 Jan 2002 01:41:42 -0000

text/plain (40 lines)

On 5 Jan 2002, at 0:13, Andrew Griffiths wrote:

> "another crowd of English??? speaks like fallic??? (I assume this is
> wankers) about the language. Be gone with them!"
> What do you mean exactly, Mark?

Y hoshiaght, t'eh ort aa-hoie dty chlaare bog dy bee freggyrtyn
currit gys y rolley ayns ynnyd jhyt hene.

Nish, nagh vel shoh rolley Gaelgagh son eddyr-loayrtys cadjin?
Nagh nod peiagh erbee screeu gys y rolley shoh? Myr shen, cre'n
fa ta'n dooinney shen g'yeearree cur rolley elley er bun, as cre'n fa
t'ou cho arryltagh cooney lesh?

Ta ny Manninee nyn myn-vooinjer er y rolley shoh as ta eer sloo as
Gaelg oc. Screeu eshyn dy vel eh ny Vanninagh. Cha nel eh as
cha bee eh choud's nee booa kek 'sy vargey. She Sostynagh
eshyn, ruggit as troggit 'sy tcheer shen.

My screeuys peiagh erbee boghtynid gys rolley erbee, bee sleih
elley soie orroo. My screeu eshyn rish forymyn elley myr v'eh
screeu rish yn er shoh, cha nel yindys erbee aym dy row sleih soie

S'baghtal dooys dy vel eh g'yeearree forym raad vees eh sauchey
veih sleih ta toiggal yn Ghaelg, Mannin as cooishyn bentyn jee as
raad oddys eh ve bait ayns dubbey jeh e chek hene. Ta mee cur
cuirrey da shen y yannoo as dy by vie lhiat cooney lesh, verrym yn
cuirrey hene dhyts.

Cre haggyragh dy screeuin gys y forym shen gra red nagh mie
lesh? Veign currit veih'n forym ayd?

Ta mee fuirraghtyn er dty freggyrt lesh sym mooar.

Markys y Kermitt,
Manninagh Dooie, ruggit as troggit

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