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Help with XML in relation to PLEASE


L McCabe <[log in to unmask]>


General discussion of Extensible Markup Language <[log in to unmask]>


Mon, 15 Jan 2001 21:52:52 +1100





text/plain (415 lines)

    I've been trying to intergrate the keen registration process, whereby new members can signup through an affiliate site, with my website for some while now.  If ANYONE can give ANY help it would be much appreciated.

There are a few steps to the signup process which are explained in the pasted document below.

Basically the process consists of getting some details off a possible new signup through the use of a form.  I.e. Name, phone number etc.  That information is then submitted and processed (I use ASP to make sure that everything is right) and then somehow (I need help figuring out how) the information needs to be posted to a URL which I have been given (which has been removed from the document) but the information is NOT passed in the format of XML, but instead in the format of a form I.e. there needs to be a field in the form called "MemberName" which contains the value of the name that they are looking for on the keen site.

Keen then processes the request and replies to the registration process with a return code which is passed back in XML and indicates if the registration process was a success, and if not what was wrong. (the return codes are also supplied in the document) 

The idea is that the return code is processed and then depending on the code, a different message will be displayed.  

From what I understand the XML has to be processed in the background so that an appropriate message can be displayed to the user, because otherwise the XML response is displayed on the screen (my current problem) and the new signup person does not understand what this means.

I really need ideas on how I could do this i.e. what functions in XML to use, or ASP (I code in ASP).  How would I pass the information to the Keen servers, and how do I capture the reply back.  ANY sample script would be great if someone could mock something up!

If you are a bit confused and need more information or anything, and don't want to post it here, simply e-mail me at [log in to unmask]

Your help is really appreciated, keep up the good work guys!

L McCabe


Registration API - Integration Instructions for Partner Sites

This document explains how to register a person on via a partner web site.  Information is gathered on the partner web site in their user interface and then is sent to via http-post.  Keen gives an XML response with error codes and some final reg data for the end user.  This data will be processed synchronously.  Keen returns result codes back to the partner and the partner can either ignore these or deal with them in their user interface if there are any registration errors generated in the process.


Sample Opt-in Text for Partner Site where the end user is joining Keen to get Live Answers from Keen Speakers: 

[ ] Join and get answers to your questions over the phone! makes the connection - calling you and the person you choose.  Your phone number & name are never revealed. You get $5 FREE in your account just for signing up - you can use this to get Live Answers from others at!  You will receive email about new features and events.


Sample Opt-in Text for Partner sites where the Keen service is more about connecting their members over the phone vs. getting a live answer from a Keen Speaker - in this case, the partner is also using the Listing API and making a listing after the successful Keen registration process - so they will have to gather phone numbers if they do not already do this.


Join and let others connect with you via telephone for a live, private conversation. Keen makes the connection - calling you and the person that clicks on your "Call Me" button in your profile.  Your phone number & name are never revealed.   It costs only $.99/minute to talk to you. You get $5 FREE in your account just for signing up - so you can connect with others that have a "Call Me" button in their profiles.  Join now by entering in your phone number below!


Phone number:  [   ] - [   ] - [      ]     (  )  -  x  Ext. (optional)

      (US/Canada)      Important! dials this number when someone clicks on your "Call Me" button. 


Access setting:  [ ]   I use the same line for phone calls and Internet access.


By entering in your phone number, you agree to the Member Agreement and you will also receive email about new features and events.


I. Keen URL to post data to:   **REMOVED FOR SECURITY REASONS**


 II. Field values gathered on the partner site and sent to

Note that fields with an asterisk (*) are required fields needed to register on

Field name           Notes                                                                                                                    

*PLID                           This is a unique number assigned by to the partner and it should be included in all posts so we know where these members are coming from.

*MemberName          Member name to register the user under at Keen.  Partners should attempt to register them with the same member name as on their site.  Valid values: Keen accepts letters, numbers and/or spaces for member names - no special characters are allowed.  We do not allow spaces at the beginning and end of member names - these are trimmed off.  If the user name is taken on Keen, we will assign a close derivative - the end customer is messaged their final Keen member name in an email - you can message it to them in your UI as well if you choose to do so.                                                                                                                                               

 *Password                  Member password.  Should be the same value as on the partner site.  Valid values: does not accept blank or empty password values - we accept any character though and the valid length is 1-16 characters.

PhoneNumber          This is no longer a requirement for registration - but you must gather a phone number if you are using Keen's listing api and are creating listings for co-registered users on  For domestic numbers, please gather area code, first 3 digits and then last 4 digits.  You can optionally gather an extension as well - but will send this information in another field value.  Take this entire number and prefix it with a "1"  - this tells us that it is a US phone number.  If you are gathering International phone numbers, capture country code, phone number digits and then prefix them with a 011 prior to sending this data to Keen    An table below shows all invalid US area codes, codes NOT accepted for US phone numbers at -- you must validate these entries and not allow input of these area codes prior to sending this reg data to Keen.  Additionally another document is attached with valid international country codes that accepts if you are gathering international phone numbers. 

Note that the same phone number can be registered up to 5 times at Keen - for roommate situations.  After 5, the number will not be taken any longer and the user will not be registered - this is one of the result error code cases documented later in these instructions.

Valid values for US/Canada phone numbers - example:

US Number (Applicable for any country which uses country code 1)

Area Code: 650

Remaining Number: 5334767

Number to be passed to Keen: 16505334767 - invalid area codes for the US/Canada - all other combinations of 3 digits are accepted:
















International Number:

Country Code: 40

Area Code: 1682

Remaining Number: 42328

Number to be passed: 01140162842328

Click here to see valid international country codes.


Extension                    The phone number extension.  This is an optional field.

*Email                         Email address of the user.  The email address must be a unique submission on Keen, otherwise the user will appear to have already registered on 

OneLine                    This is no longer a requirement for registration - but you must gather this information if you are using Keen's listing api and are creating listings for co-registered users on  Does the user use the same line for telephone and Internet access?  Valid values: {y,n}

*MarketingMail        Does the user opt-in for mailings from  Note that by opting in for Keen we want them to opt in for our marketing mailings so this needs to be messaged in the opt-in paragraph on the partner's site.  Valid values:  {y,n} 

RetryFlag                   {0 = partner is not handling errors/unregistered users.  These users go into Keen prospect database table, 1= partner is  handling errors and re-submitting via their user interface.


All of the above information is to be sent to Keen's URL above via http post.


Keen will then pass back the data below as an XML response to the http-post:

ResultCode - this will be a bitmap containing the various result code combinations from Keen registration.  Result codes and suggested error messages for the partner to optionally handle in their user interface are below. 


MemberName - this will be the final membername that the user is registered with.  Ideally it will be the same one as on the partner site, but it may be a system-assigned name, assigned by Keen, if their user name was taken already on  You will need this if you want to add Keen "Call me now" buttons into your member profiles on your site.


PartnerMemberName -- this is the member name they already have on the partner site and the one attempted to be used on  Hopefully they are the same, but in case the membername was already taken on Keen, the partner can use this for matching purposes.


KeenUID - this is a unique numeric identifier for a user


 The xml response will be of the following format:

<?xml version="1.0" ?>

-    <REGAPI>

     <RESULT ResultCode="128" PartnerMemberName="aaaaa" MemberName="aaaaa31" KeenUID="kpu076gJc5hxrEDLLnJWog==" />



The RESULT element will have the attributes as ResultCode, PartnerMemberName, MemberName and KEENUID.

IV. Result Codes / Error Handling


Result codes passed back to the partner: 

Result codes come in the form of a bitmap with the sum of these result codes - do a "bitwise and" with each of the error codes to get all the errors which occurred.  For example, a bitmap of 130 means email is already registered on Keen  (2) and their partner member name is already taken on Keen (128).


      Result Code 
     Bogus phone number
     Emails already registered on (must be unique and only 1 can register)
     Email bogus / invalid.
     Phone number has been registered on more than X times (X=5 currently)
     Insufficient fields (no valid email name)
     Empty password
     Bogus password (invalid characters or not long enough)
     Member name already taken on Keen
     Bogus member name characters / Keen does not allow special characters, only letters, numbers and spaces are allowed.


Error handling / which are successful registrants:

Note that a system email from is automatically sent to users with error codes of {0, 32, 64, 128} as these are considered successful registrations.


Result Code   Email Messaging & error handling from
0                      Success.  User is registered on Keen.  Co-branded welcome email sent to user. 

1                      Bogus phone number. User is not registered.  Error is logged along with customer data that we have.   An email can optionally be sent later with a link to co-branded registration page and suggestion to retry and failure reason.  Note that the partner will be validating the phone numbers on their site, so this error should be extremely rare.

2                      Emails already registered on (must be unique and only 1 can register).  Error is logged along with result code.  An email can optionally be sent later with a link to recovery page to get Keen member name & password

4                      Email bogus / invalid.  Note that the person is probably not registered on the partner site either in this case. cannot send an email.  The customer is not registered nor is the customer a prospect.

8                      Phone number has been registered on more than X times (X=5 currently) - perhaps by a roommate.  Error is logged along with result code; this is not counted as a valid registrant.  An email can optionally be sent later with a link to recovery page to get Keen member name & password

16                    Insufficient fields (no valid email name).  There is nothing Keen can do here and the user is not a prospect either.

32                    Empty password.  For this failure case, Keen will create a system assigned password and will send them this user name and password in a system generated email.

64                    Bogus password (invalid characters or not long enough) For this failure case, Keen will create a system assigned password and will send them this user name and password in a system generated email. Note that the partner most likely requires a password too, so this should be a rare occurrence.

128                  Member name already taken on Keen.  For this failure case, Keen will create a system assigned username and will send them this user name in a system-generated email.

256                  Bogus member name characters / Keen does not allow special characters, only letters, numbers and spaces are allowed.  The partner needs to be aware and validate for this on their side prior to sending this over to   For this failure case, we will return a failure and if we a valid email we may optionally email them later to complete their Keen registration.



Suggested error messages for partner user interface:

Below are suggested error messages to display on the partner site if they opt to deal with the errors at the point of "opting in" for from their site: 

      Result Code
     Congratulations, you are registered at with the following Member Name: XXXXXX !
     Please re-enter your phone number.
     Your email address is already registered at Please visit this page on to get your current Keen member name and password if you are already a member:
     Please re-enter your email address.
     Your phone number has already been registered on at least 5 times.  Please try again with another phone number (cell phone ?)   OR please visit this page on to get your current Keen member name and password if you are already a member:
     Please re-enter your email address and phone number.
     Please enter a password.
     Please enter a password.
     Your member name is already taken on, please try to register with another name.
     Please re-enter your member name. 



V.               Email sent from to new registrants automatically emails all new users.  Since we know what partner this user is coming to us from, we will include the partner name and additional registration / how- in the email information that we send out to the new registrant.  Here is a sample - the words in bold are variable of course...



*Welcome users to to! * 


Thanks for joining Keen.comT, Your Live Answer CommunityT, where you get answers to your questions over the phone.  We're excited to have you as a member and to get you started, we've credited your account with $5.   

- Your Member Name is: XXXX 

- Your password is the same as your password.  (The first time you "Sign In" to, you will see a page that reads "Join Now."  Make sure to click on the "I am already a member" link and then sign in with you new Member name and password.) - To change your Member Name or password, simply go to: 


So try today and get FREE live answers from psychics, celebrities, computing gurus and more!   


1. Using   

It's easy-- browse a directory of people who can answer your question, click on a person's "Call Now" icon, and you will be connected for a live phone call. Because makes the call, your phone number and other personal information are never revealed.  Try a live answer:  


2. Making money on   

Through our "Tell A Friend" program, we pay you $5 for every friend you refer to, after they make or receive two calls.  So tell a friend and make some money:   

3. Making MORE money on   

You can earn money on, simply by selling what you know.  Set your own price per minute to answer questions on a given topic and keep 70% of the payment for every Keen Call you receive. 


Here's how to get started: create listings describing your knowledge, set a schedule convenient for you, and start answering questions.  To create a listing, go to:    

If you have any questions, you can reach us at [log in to unmask] or 1-877-KEEN-HELP. 


Thank you for joining, where you get answers to your questions over the phone.  Start using your free $5 for live answers today! 




The Team 

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