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Subject: Re: British Israelism
From: Raimund KARL <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To:CELTIC-L - The Celtic Culture List.
Date:Wed, 31 Jul 1996 09:51:19 +0000

text/plain (85 lines)

> Date:          Tue, 30 Jul 1996 10:07:48 -0600
> From:          Bette Tomlinson <[log in to unmask]>

> I have been waiting for a long time to ask this question--not really
> knowing if it is appropriate for this list, but I think that some of you
> could give me a good answer (which, hopefully, I will understand).

Well, judging from the below it is not especially a Celtic problem, but it
is a problem about which anybody should think once in a while.
> I need to know how to dismiss an argument made by a new theological
> movement, called Christian Identity, which is based on British Israelism of
> the mid-1800's.  British Israelism claimed that the
> lost tribes of Israel emigrated north, becoming the northern peoples.  B.I.
> said that Aryans, therefore, are the chosen people of the Bible.  This has
> been taken up by racists in our day, and using a racist interpretation of
> Genesis, and their own archaeologists, used to claim racial superiority and
> to demonize the Jewish people.

OK, point one: Aryans is the most idiotic term one can use for
European people. The purest Aryans today probably are the Persians -
not quite especially the people one would expect those "British
Israelists" to claim superiority for. There is no scientifical
evidence at all that any Aryans ever came into Europe.
> Anyone who disagrees with them just dismisses their ideas without showing
> how that is not possible.  This is no longer enough, because Identity is
> growing, especially among young people.  Coupling it with the National
> Socialist belief that nation is based on race, you see what they come up
> with.  Having a theology to back their claims of superiority and to justify
> their acts against peoples of other races gives them the passion of the
> "true believer."
> So...Since Abraham lived about 2,000 B.C., (if I remember my history
> correctly) does this DNA dating have anything to offer as argument against
> them?  If not, or if so, what else can you archaeologists and linguists
> tell me, so that I can dismiss them, in what I am writing about the
> right-wing movements here?  When British Israelism was a theory, we did not
> have the archaeological evidence that we have now.

That`s a hard one. On the other hand, it is completely unimportant
when Abraham lived to claim that there never was a massive "tribal"
movement from the Jewish territory or the near East into Europe
between 5000 BC and the year 0, as such already predating the
creation according to the bible, which took place about 4000BC
according to the bible, if I remember correctly. There is also little
if any linguistic evidence that actually a Semitic language was ever
spoken in Europe, even though this possibility is once in a while
discussed (see the Celtic and Hamitic thread). Even less possible it
is, that this Semitic language was actually an early form of Hebraic,
as such, from our current knowledge it is next to impossible that any
lost tribe of Israel came to northwestern Europe to form the
"superior white" culture.
Additionally to that, race and nation do have nothing in common.
Germans, for instance, are genetically not discernable from Slavs or
Celts - all of these fall into the genetical variant of Northwestern
and Middle European. They actually not only are of the same race, but
also of the same variant in the race, still they form plenty of
nations and speak a great number of languages.
Even more than that it is important to note that the individual
genetical deviations from the "average racial DNA-pool" are much
greater than between the "average racial DNA-pools" of the different
races. As such, any "white" could be more similar in his DNA
structure to the average "black DNA pool" while any "black" could be
the exact match of the average "white DNA pool" or any given white
and black could have the closest match to one another and the average
"yellow DNA pool". This possibilities make any differentiation of
humans according to race not only completely idiotic in itself, but
also impossible, as the DNA programs upon which the different humans
are built do care nothing about skin colour - it is just one
completely unimportant factor.

Just another word to the lost tribes - if they who claim to be
members of one ot those are not jewish they are fucked anyways - as
it is a greater sin to fall from the right way (which is definitly
Jewish religion for a lost tribe of Israel) than to never turn to it.
It is bad to be a pagan for a human - but it is worse to become a
pagan if ones ancestors have been Jews - so if the Jewish religion is
right with its theses about life, the universe and everything, they
are damned anyways if they are not orthodox Jews. If, however, the
Jews are not right with their religion, then it is worthless to try
to deduct any superiority from it - as something wrong can`t be used
to deduct superiority.


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