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Subject: Druids, Missionaries, etc.
From: Isaac Bonewits <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To:CELTIC-L - The Celtic Culture List.
Date:Fri, 24 Mar 1995 16:51:18 -0500

text/plain (80 lines)

Greetings, All:
Having lurked for a month or so, I now take my sickle in hand and dive into
the fray! :)
There are three main modern Druid organizations who are attempting to
revive/perpetuate Druidic traditions, especially those mystical and religious
beliefs we feel appropriate for this time:  The Order of Bards, Ovates and
Druids (OBOD), A/r nDrai/ocht Fe/in: A Druid Fellowship ("ADF", my own
group), and the Henge of Keltria ("Keltria").
Information about these groups can be obtained by emailing:
OBOD via <<[log in to unmask]>>
ADF via <<[log in to unmask]>>
Keltria via <<[log in to unmask]>>
ADF also maintains a global listing of Mesopagan and Neopagan Druid
organizations, with local referrals (esp. in the USA).  Ask for the "Forest
Full of Groves" list from Kit Howard.
Each of these groups has its own style and focus, yet we are in agreement on
many basic beliefs and practices, which are outlined in our electronic info
As for my Not-So-Humble-Opinions on several topics recently discussed here on
{{{Rant Mode On}}}
I too usually wear white on March 17th.  In recent years I've taken to
calling it "All Ireland Day," since I don't consider Patrick's cultural
genocide in Ireland to be something worth celebrating.  And, yes, "cultural
genocide" is the correct term for most missionary activity -- though the
survivors may be too brainwashed by their new worldview to see it that way.
 Ask the average Native American, Native Australian, or native of any other
non-Christian or non-Islamic faith how they feel about missionaries!
Most of the "Celtic Christianity" tales about Jesus and/or his apostles
coming to the Celtic Isles are pure hogwash, invented to sell relics, tourist
bricabrac, and various political movements past and present.  So too with
most of what has been published about the Paleopagan Druids over the
centuries -- the religious and/or political biases of the authors are all too
obvious, whether they paint them as "barbarians" or "noble savages."
For those who are interested, ADF has its recommended reading list available
via email from Kit Howard.  We place a high emphasis on modern scholars and
academically supportable theories instead of the romantic fantasies and
monotheistic nonsense promoted by writers of the last few centuries: Piggott,
Ross, Kendrick, Dumezil, etc., rather than Iolo Morganwyg, Lewis Spense, and
the British Israelites.
{{{Rant Mode Off}}}
I hope to continue learning a lot about Celtic culture, past and present,
from the participants on this list.  I'm sorry if my blunt words have
offended anyone, but then monotheists and missionaries have been offending
Pagans for many centuries -- always For Our Own Good, of course. :->
I do have some questions for the scholars on this list:
(1) Which Old Irish manuscripts, if any, have yet to be translated into
Modern English?
(2) Is there a published master list of the Welsh manuscripts edited and/or
forged by E. Williams (Iolo), with modern critical commentary?
(3) What is the current state of Gaulish linguistics -- do we have any
recently published dictionaries of Old Celtic or Proto-Celtic?
(4) Has any international association of Irish language scholars decided on
an "official" ASCII coding for fadas on the Net?  I've seen "/" , "\" ,  " '
" , and "~" all used after vowels.
May the Lady of the Land bless you in this Equinox season (the *real* origins
of the March 17th holiday, I'm thinking) and may the perpetrators of green
beer wind up in an afterlife where they have to drink the stuff!
Isaac Bonewits

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